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Nagorno- Karabakh Dispute

Introduction The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is an ethnic and territorial dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, which is populated primarily by ethnic Armenians, and seven surrounding districts, which were populated mainly by Azerbaijanis until their evacuation during the First Nagorno-Karabakh War. Although de jure is internationally [...]

Omicron Variant And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

Omicron Variant

Omicron variant of COVID-19. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. Introduction To Covid-19 Covid-19 is an infectious disease that causes illnesses from the common cold to more severe diseases. It arises from a large family of viruses known as Coronavirus (CoV). On 11 March 2020, there [...]

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Trade Wars

History Of War Trade Trade war battles have been going on for years given the fact that nations have constantly traded amongst themselves. A trade war takes place when a country raises import tariffs or restrictions on other countries’ imports during the trade. However, the trade war of 2022 is [...]

Afghanistan Crisis And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

Afghanistan Crisis

Introduction The Afghanistan War, an international conflict in Afghanistan beginning in 2001 that was triggered by the September 11 attacks, consisted of three phases. The first phase—toppling the Taliban (the ultraconservative political and religious faction that ruled Afghanistan and provided sanctuary for al-Qaeda, perpetrators of the September 11 attacks)—was brief, [...]

Date Rape And Its Top 13 Facts- 13angle.com

Date Rape

Introduction Date Rape, commonly known as acquaintance rape, is a term described by the physical forceful engagement of a victim into unwanted sexual activity by a known person. It could be a peer through violence, misuse of authority, verbal manipulation, or even a romantically involved partner. It often takes place between two [...]

Syrian Civil War And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

Syrian Civil War

Syria, officially the Syrian Arab Republic, is a country in Western Asia. It borders the Mediterranean Sea toward the west, Turkey toward the north, Iraq toward the east and southeast, Jordan toward the south, and Israel and Lebanon toward the southwest. Cyprus deceives the west across the Mediterranean Sea. Syria [...]

Petroleum Crisis and their top 13 interesting facts- 13angle.com

Petroleum Crisis

All non-renewable resources are extracted from sources that will not be replenished or recharged in our lifetimes or for the many many lifetimes ahead. Some of the non-renewable energy sources are resourced or extracted from coal, petroleum, fossil fuels, and natural gas. Carbon distinctively forms the main element in fossil [...]

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International Terrorism

Meaning of Terrorism Terrorism is an unlawful and intentional use of violence to achieve a political aim against a country and its citizens. The Term Terrorist originated from the French revolution in the 18th century, It gained attention in the 19th century 1970 exactly During the dispute of northern Ireland, [...]

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European Migrant Crisis

European Migration Crisis Map A crowded boat rolling with the waves. People crying for help. Parents are desperate to save their children’s life. Bodies washed ashore. Thousands of refugees arrive in Europe every year, and thousands more die fighting for a chance.  The dangers endured on the long overseas journeys [...]

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Covid-19 Map Introduction SARS-CoV-2, officially designated as Covid-19 was initially detected in December of 2019. The onset of the virus was rapid with the virus spreading very quickly all over the world. Covid-19 has resulted in approximately 4.4 million deaths worldwide and more than 200 million total cases as of [...]

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Currency War

Global War This is a deliberate attempt by developed economies to depreciate the value of their domestic currencies in other to raise the level of their economy. This is done through devaluation, depreciation and increase of exchange rate. This Is an attempt to stimulate their economies by introducing complexities like [...]

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Global Hunger

(WFP, 2020) The United Nations defines the term hunger as a period when a population is experiencing severe food insecurity. Severe food insecurity is when a population is without access to food for entire days. Eradicating hunger is one of the United Nations millennium development goals as they hope to [...]