Understanding Sexual And Gender Diversity

Understanding Sexual And Gender Diversity

Introduction Sexual and gender diversity is a vital aspect of human identity and plays a significant role in shaping individuals’ experiences and relationships. However, society often perpetuates harmful stereotypes and stigmatization towards individuals who identify as having a different sexual orientation or gender identity from the norm. It is crucial [...]

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University Grants Commission

Introduction From ancient Bharat to modern India, higher education has always occupied a place of prominence in Indian history. In ancient times, Nalanda, Taxasila, and Vikramsila universities were renowned seats of higher learning, attracting students not only from all over the country but from far-off countries like Korea, China, Burma [...]

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Indian Education System

History Of Education In India Indian education dates back to the Vedic age when students used to visit their Guru’s place, stay there in the ashramas, and get taught. This was known as the Gurukula System of education. The Gurukula system had a lot more than just memorizing a few [...]