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Israel Vs Palestine Conflict And Top 13 Interesting Facts

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History Of The Conflict :-​

  • Israel And Palestine’s history started from the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman empire was about 600 years old empire.
  • The Ottoman Empire was established in the 14th century. And in few time it made its presence and controlled the whole middle east.

  • By the 19th century, the Ottoman empire started bifurcated and becomes weak. Palestine was situated in the Ottoman Empire.

  • In the 19th century, nationalism was at its peak in the whole of Europe and everywhere nationalism identity was trying to make.

  • In small countries like Italy, Germany which was distributed at that time due to nationalism, the unity process starts developing in them and they became united in the name of nationalism identity.

  • Nationalism identity starts developing in Jewish people also.


Theodor Herzl- 13angle.com

A nationalist, leader, and writer named Theodor Herzl started writing about Jewish nationalism and he also supported Zionism/ Zionist movement in the starting phase.

Zionist/ Zionism Movement :-

  • As the Zionist movement started Jewish people wants to go to Israel because Israel is that holy place from where the Jewish religion was started.

  • Around 3000 years back, the Jewish kingdom was situated at Israel’s land which in the 19th century known as Palestine.

  • One more reason for Jewish people to go to Israel was in different places of the whole Europe Jewish persecution was done.

  • In European countries, whether its France, Italy, Germany, etc Jewish were physically as well as mentally tortured. Jewish were put into jail,

Zionist Movement- 13angle.com
  • Their religion was banned and at many places, they were even forced to convert.

  • In the decade of 1980s, Jewish people decided to go back to their place of origin (Israel) and make their own country there. But this demand was not on a very large scale that’s why small-scale migration was started.

  • But during World War I, Jewish started migrating on a very large scale due to the Balfour declaration by the united kingdom in the year 1917.

[At that time Britishers being the biggest colonial power that why they have interference in most of the countries matter.]


Balfour’s declaration is considered as the origin of the Israel- Palestine conflict.

Balfour Declaration :-

Balfour Declaration Letter- 13angle.com
Balfour Declaration Letter

In 1917, when World War-I was going on and the Ottoman Empire was in a position of defeat at that time the foreign minister of the united kingdom Sir Arthur gave a declaration states that ‘we Britishers will give Jewish people their home at their place of origin’. It means that when World War-I ends Britishers will help Jewish people to settle down at their place of origin.
But here comes the twist in the story, Britishers were very smart they secretly had an agreement with France and Russia and this agreement is known as the Sykes-Picot agreement.


Sykes-Picot Agreement: According to this agreement, Britishers bifurcated the whole middle- east as World War-I ends and the main idea behind this was which country will control which country.
Where the UK keeps Palestine for themselves and countries like Syria, Jordon, etc given to France and some areas of Turkey gave to Russia.

  • So here, we can see that how Britishers publically promised Palestine for Jewish people, but Britishers secretly keep Palestine for themselves. And Britishers secretly promised Arabs that Palestine will be given to them.

  • Britishers promised Arabs that Palestine will be given to them because Arabs were against the Ottoman Empire and Britishers understand that they had a common enemy. So they told Arabs to support Britishers against the ottoman empire in World War-I and as World War-I ends Palestine will be given to Arabs.

The British Mandate Of Palestine:-

British Mandate For Palestine- 13angle.com
  • As world war-1 ends, the government was made in Palestine, and it called the British mandate of Palestine.

  • As the government set up in Palestine there was migration on large scale. The British government wants the Jewish should migrate on large scale.


The population of Jewish was only 3% in the Ottoman Empire rule rose to 30% in just 30 years. It means that time 30% of the population of Palestine was Jewish.

1.  Temple mount according to Judaism.
2.  Church of holy scripture according to Christians because the first lesson given by Jesus Christ was in Jerusalem at this site. Jesus christ’s crucifixion and resurrection at this site.
  • During that time, Britishers used their age-old formula “Divide And Rule Policy”. Britishers made different rules and regulations for Jewish, Arabs, and Christians.

  • But the Jewish who came to Palestine started buying land from local Arabs and after buying the land they kicked off those Arabs who do farming on those land. Those Palestinian Arabs were forced to evict the land.

  • As Jewish people started to settle in Palestine they started increasing their land and put control over there known as Jewish settlements in Palestine.


Jordon, Syria, Lebanon was given to France mandate.
Iran, Palestine to British mandate. This division was made according to a Sykes-Picot agreement.

  • In 1936, local Arab Palestinian revolt against the British mandate. And to suppress the revolt Britishers formed Jewish militias.

Jewish Militias :-

Jewish Militias- 13angle.com
Jewish Militias
  • Those Jewish people who took arms and help the British govt. To suppress Arab Palestinian revolt.
  • But after this revolt, the British government thought that they should bring some changes in order to take Arab- Palestinians into the griep.

  • Britishers put restrictions on Jewish emigration. And due to these restrictions, the Jewish militia becomes very angry and revolt against Britishers (but those revolts were on a very small scale).

  • In 1939, World War II started and during this time Jewish genocide was done on a very large scale in Europe also known as a holocaust in Europe.

  • Jewish genocide was done on a very large scale by Hitler. Jewish people were killed by putting them in gas chambers (Around 4.5 million Jewish were killed).

Gas Chamber In 1939- 13angle
Gas Chamber
the holocaust- 13angle.com
The Holocaust
  • During this time, Jewish were told to run to Israel because they can only be saved there. And this was propagated on a very large scale.

Creation Of Isreal :-

  • November 1947- “Creation of Isreal”
creation of Israel Photo- 13angle.com
Israel is born newspaper record- 13angle.com
(Jewish People Celebrating Creation Of Israel)
  • Israel was created after World War II. During that time situation of Israel was quite complex and Britishers put their hands out of the situation and said they cannot help. At that time the newly formed organization UN (United Nations) intervene and then the resolution was made and voting was done in the international committee that the new country should be formed or not? The voting goes in the favour of the creation of Israel. And then the whole Palestine mandate was bifurcated into 3 parts where one part will be a Jewish state and the second part will be Palestine Arab state. And the third part was Jerusalem.

About Jerusalem :-

Jerusalem photo in 20th century- 13angle.com
  • The situation of Jerusalem was quite complex.

  • Half of the population of Jerusalem was Muslim and the rest was Jewish. So that’s why a resolution was made that Jerusalem will be controlled by the international government. This resolution was given by the united nation.

  • As Palestine was bifurcated into parts, where 50% of the area given to Palestine and the rest 50% was given to Israel. And as it was formally announced neighboring Arab countries attacked on Israel and from here first Israel- Arab conflict started (1948-49).

attack on newly firmed Israel- 13angle.com
Attack On Newly Formed Israel
Raising Flag By Israel- 13angle.com
Israel Flag
  • Egypt, Iraq, Trans Jordon, Syria attacked the newly formed state Israel.

  • But Israel managed to save himself and push all four countries back, Israel extends its boundaries.

  • After that conflict, the control of the Gaza strip was under the control of Egypt and the whole west bank gone under the control of Jordon.

Israel Map(1948-49)- 13angle.com
  • The country named Palestine was made in 1947, its existence came to an end because Gaza was captured by Egypt and the rest area was captured by Israel.

The War Of 1967 / The Six Day War :-

Map Of 1967 War- 13angle.com
Map Of Six Day War
  • After few years again there was a war and this time it was called the six-day war-1967.

  • Israel relations were never good with Egypt, Jordon, Syria. The tension between them was quite high.

  • Egypt’s put their army at the Israel border and in retaliation Israel did preemptive strikes on Egypt, Jordon, Syria and defeat them very badly.

[Note : Preemptive strike was done by the Israeli air force.]

Israel, Syria Map- 13angle.com
  • Israel captured Golan Heights from Syria, Gaza, and Sinai peninsula from Egypt, west bank from Jordon. After that Israel territory becomes triple.

The Yom Kippur War / The War Of 1973 :-

Yom Kippur War Map- 13angle.com
  • The Yom Kippur war was fought for 1 month.

  • In order to regain Sinai and Golan heights, again Egypt and Syria attacked on Israel.

  • Israel suffers from the attack initially but soon repulses the attack.


  • This war is known as the Yom Kippur war because Yom Kippur is a very important festival for Jewish people and Egypt and Syria attacked on Israel on this festival day.
  • And even in this war, Egypt was again defeated by Israel and due to this war, only Egypt agrees to open talks with Israel.

Camp David Accords (1978) :-

Camp David Accords Photo- 13angle.com
  • In the year 1978 at camp David, a treaty was made between Egypt and Israel. And due to this treaty, Israel returned the Sinai peninsula to Egypt.

  • And Egypt in return gives recognition to the state of Israel.


  • Camp David is the resort of the USA president.

  • Egypt was the first country that gave recognition to the state of Israel and Jordon was the second country.

  • After Camp David accords most of the Arab countries started peace talks with Israel (Even today most of the Arab countries don’t give recognition to Israel).

Israel Vs Palestine :-

  • Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) carries out the struggle for Palestine’s independence by using political and terror fronts. PLO wants to free Palestine.


  • PLO was formed in the year 1964. This organization was very much famous for plane hijacking and terror activities.

First Intifida (1987-93) :-

First Intifida- 13angle.com
  • Intifada means uprising in the Arabian language.

  • As Israel did not give Palestine people their rights and put the West Bank under military control. Due to this Palestinians started protesting and boycotting and during that time violence was on a very large scale many people die. Violence lasts for around six years.

  • During the intifada new organization was formed named “Hamas”.

  • Hamas was a very extremist organization.

The basic difference between PLO and Hamas were:-

  1. PLO’s ideology was that Palestine should get its freedom in the future.

  2. Hamas’ ideology was that they don’t recognize Israel at all so they believe Israel has no right to exist.

The Oslo Accords 1993:-

  • First peace settlement between Israel and PLO (representatives of Palestine.
The Oslo Accords- 13angle.com
  • Oslo is situated in Norway. And in Oslo, after secret negotiation, the agreement was signed in Washington, D.C, USA.

  • According to the Oslo agreement, PLO recognizes Israel as a country and the Israeli government recognizes PLO as Palestinian people’s representatives. And in the context of this agreement, for the self-governance of the west bank and Gaza Palestine national authority was formed.

  • A Peacetime of 5 years agreement was also made between Israel and PLO.

Second Intifida (2000-2005) :-

Second Intifida- 13angle.com
  • The second intifada also called Camp David-2.

  • Peace talks were continuously failed because there was no common ground on which they agree. And as the peace process failed 2nd intifada started.

  • One of the main reasons why the 2nd intifada started was the President of Israel “Ehud Barak” took 1000 soldiers to visit temple mount. And due to this Palestine people become very angry and conflict started again.

  • As conflict started again around 1000 jews people were killed and 3200 Palestinians had lost their lives. Terror attacks were made, bus bombings, hijacking, etc.

=> As 2nd intifada ends Israeli government brings many changes in its policy such as:

  1. Changes in thoughts.
  2. Changes in policies.
  3. Nationalist parties start winning elections.
  4. More emphasis on managing the conflict.
  5. Withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza strip.
  • In 2006, Hamas wins the election in Palestine. At that time in Palestine, there were two parties Hamas and Fatah. Fatah was not ready to take Hamas into the government as they believe Hamas is an extremist party that supports terror only.

    [Fatah- A unit of PLO]

  • In 2007, hamas captured Gaza.

Rocket Launcher- 13angle.com
  • As Hamas comes into power they started launching rockets in Israel in retaliation Israel blockade very badly.

  • Due to Hamas, 3 wars were fought in 2008, 2013, and 2014. Thousand of peoples lost their lives.

  • Violence against civilians by both Hamas and Israeli defence forces in Gaza.

Why Jerusalem Is So Important ?

Jerusalem Photo- 13angle.com
  • Jerusalem is one of the major sites for 3 big religions Jews, Christians, and Islam.

  • 35-acre compound- a holy place for 3 religions and from here conflict started.

  • Where “Al Aqsa” mosque is important in Islam. “The western wall” is important to jews.


  • 97% of the palestinian population is muslim.

The whole 35 acre area and why so important :-

Holy Christ Photo for Jerusalem- 13angle.com
1.  Temple mount according to Judaism.
2.  Church of holy scripture according to Christians because the first lesson given by Jesus Christ was in Jerusalem at this site. Jesus christ’s crucifixion and resurrection at this site.

=> In Islam, it is important because :-

  • It is the 3rd most important site after Mecca and Madina.
  • Al Aqsa mosque and Dome of the Rock is the 3rd most important site for Muslims.
  • It is said that Mohammad Saheb traveled on a horse from Mecca to Jerusalem and the first step he put on the land of Jerusalem was on al- Aqsa (On land where al Aqsa is situated) mosque and from there he goes all the way to heaven.
  • Muslim called these 35 acres of land “Haram -e- Sharif”.


  • Judaism is the oldest religion among Islam and Christianity.
  • Christianity is around 2000 yrs old religion.
  • Islam is 1500 years old religion.
  • Judaism is 2800 years old religion.
  • Jews believe that their king soloman made the first temple in the compound of holy mont (in those 35 acres land). Babyloinans detroyed their 1st temple. After 500 years later 2nd temple was built on that 35 acres land and this time romans detroyed.


Western Wall- Last wall of 2nd temple at the western side which is still remained

How Islam Enters In Jerusalem ?

  • It is the 3rd most important holy site for Muslims.

  • Mohammad Saheb died in 632 CE. In 636 CE Muslims attacked Jerusalem and captured the whole of Jerusalem.

  • In 692 CE, Muslims built the Al-Aqsa mosque and then the dome of the rock (from where Mohammad saheb been to paradise).

Who Controls Temple Mont ?

Temple Mount- 13angle.com
  • Around some 1000 years back there was a war fought between Muslims and Christians known as the crusade war (1095-1271).

  • A war fought between Muslims and Christians because the holy land was taken from Islam, so they fought in order to get this holy land. And Christians managed to capture this holy land from Islam. But they captured for 200 years only.

  • After 1275, Islam fought and captured this holy land (temple mont) again.

  • From 1187 to 1275 Islam captured Jerusalem again. And to administer those 35-acre land they formed “waqf trust”. From that time to 1948 when israel formed. Islam administered the temple mont and non- Muslims were not allowed to enter in temple mont.


  • Jews believe that the 3rd final temple will be made on this 35-acre land.

How Jews Enters In Jerusalem ?

At the end of the 19th century, two very important events took place and they are as follows:

(1) Zionism
(2) Arab Nationalism

  • After 630 CE, Islam controls Jerusalem, and then 500 years later, Christians control and then again Islam.

  • During those years jews were migrating to different parts of European countries. By the end of the 19th century, the Zionism movement started which states that Jews must go back to their place of origin and should settle down there, which means that they must have their own country.

  • In the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany, the migrant jews who were migrating Hitler blamed them for the defeat of Germany in a world war, and from there under the supreme race theory by nazi’s, Jews were prosecuted and mass massacre.

  • As world war-2 ends, migration again started.

  • Arab nation movement started parallel to Judaism movement.

Middle East Map- 13nagle.com


  • Arab nation movement wants to unite all Arab countries and make as one but was not successful.

  • Zionism wants to make jews nation and in 1948, both these movements crashed.

  • (1922-1948)– In these years, UK administered the land under a mandate system.

  • Jews believe Israel is their ancestral land according to their religious texts.


BOOK OF GENESIS- 13angle.com
Abraham Jozsef- 13angle.com
Son Of Jackob- 13angle.com
  • Religious texts of jews known as the “Book of Genesis”.

  • In this Book of Genesis, it is stated that there was an agreement between the Paigambar of jews named “Abraham” and god that the land of Israel belongs to jews.

  • Abraham > Izhak (Abraham’s son) > Jacob (Also known as Israel- He had 12 sons, who are known as tribes of Israel).

  • According to the Book of Genesis, all jews originated from tribes of Israel/ Jacob.

Major Issues Of Israel V/s Palestine Conflict :-

1. Status Of Jarusalem :-

  • The holy site of jews, Muslims, and Christians.
  • East part of Jerusalem- Muslim populated
  • West part of Jerusalem- Jewish populated
  • Center part- holy shrines.
  • Israel controls the whole city and restricts access to holy sites like Al-Aqsa mosque that 18 to 50 years males can’t go there so that they cant protest.
  • Even today Jerusalem is not accepted as the capital of Israel by many countries.

[Note: according to Israel, its capital is Jerusalem. But according to the world, it’s tel aviv].

2. Palestinian Refugees:-

  • Still today Palestinian refugees lived in camps in the countries like Egypt, Jordon, Syria, other Arab countries.

3. Terrorists Attack From Hamas On Israel.

4. Gaza Blockade.

5. Water Resources Issues.

[Note: Israel is a desert area, they take Palestine water for use.]

6. Israel Settlement In West Bank

[Note: According to un it’s illegal].

7. The West Bank Wall

  • Wall was made by Israel to close the west bank border in order to safeguard themselves.


International Organisations Stand On Israel- Palestine Conflict:-

United Nation Security Council (UNSC) Stand On This Issue:-

UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres (By showing his concern) states that “ If a ceasefire cannot be done then the situation will go out of control. And it’s very hard to stop both Israel and Hamas. Because due to this millions of innocent people are paying prices by losing their life. So, it’s very important to stop this violence as soon as possible”.
[note: The USA is ready to support both Israel and Palestine if they are ready to cease fire.]

Israel Stand On UNSC:-

Gilad Erdan- 13angle.com
  • Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan echoed states that Hamas is using the civilian population as a human shield. And he also stated that Israel has a right to defend itself.

  • Israel clearly states that “ Israel has made its choice. We will take all steps which are necessary to defend our people. And also stated that international committee must make their choice because we made ours”.

Palestine Stand On UNSC:-

Palestinian ambassador Riyad Mansour states when the international committee will condemn this particular thing by uniting together.

=> How many Palestinians live it would take for the international committee to intervene ?

  • Palestinian ambassador also stated that it’s not like neighbours fight it’s like colonialism.
  • Palestinian ambassador states that “there are no people on earth that would tolerate this reality”.
  • Palestinian ambassador further added, Israel always states “Put yourselves in our shoes, but they are not wearing shoes, they are wearing military boots.”

“Why not put yourself in our shoes?,  What would you do if your country was occupied?,  What would you do to achieve independence?”
How many Palestinians killed is enough for condemnation?,  We know one Israeli is enough, but how many Palestinians?

India’s Stand On This Issue:-

India Stand On UN for Israel and Palestine Conflict- 13angle.com
  • At UNSC (Open meeting), India adopted a very balanced approach. India’s permanent representative T.S. Tirumurti states that India condemns attacks made by Israelon Gaza and Gaza on Israel.

  • Expressed deep concern over violence in Jerusalem, especially on haram-al-sharif during the holy month of Ramzan, and about the possible eviction process in sheikh jarrah and Silwan neighbourhood in east Jerusalem.

  • India reiterates strong condemnation of all acts of violence, provocation, and destruction.

  • India supports the diplomatic efforts of the quartet and other members of the diplomatic community.

  • In the end, India’s strong support for the just Palestinian cause and its unwavering commitment to the two-state solution.

[ Note:- Quartet Means Four 

Quartet On The Middle East:- It comprises the UN, USA, European Union, and Russia. This quartet group was established in 2002 in Madrid.]

List Of The Countries Supporting Israel And Palestine:-

Supporters Of IsraelSupporters Of Palestine
America, then Albania, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Ukraine, UK, etc.Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen. Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, etc.

Top 13 Interesting Facts On Israel-Palestine Conflict

1.  Balfour’s declaration is considered as the origin of the Israel- Palestine conflict. 

2.  Albert einstein belongs to a Jewish family.

3.  Britishers promised to give Jewish people their place of origin as their home at the same time they secretly had the same agreement with Arabs.

4.  The population of Jewish was only 3% in ottoman empire rule and it rose to 30% in just 30 years.

5.  Britishers used their age-old formula “divide and rule policy” everywhere in the world. Britishers made different rules and regulations for Jewish, Arabs, and Christians.

6.  In 1939, world war-2 started and during this time Jewish genocide was done on a very large scale in Europe.

7.  Around 4.5 million Jewish were killed in gas chambers.

8.  Religious texts of jews known as “Book Of Genesis”. According to the book of Genesis it is stated that there was an agreement between the Paigambar of jews named ‘Abraham and god that the land of Israel belongs to jews.

9.  Abraham’s son Jacob’s name was Israel.

10.  Egypt, Iraq, trans Jordan, Syria attacked the newly formed state Israel. But Israel managed to save himself and push all four countries back, Israel extends its boundaries. And also captured their many places.6o67

11.  In 1947 Palestine was also created along with Israel but Palestine’s existence came to an end as Egypt captured Gaza and the rest part was captured by Israel in the same year.
Judaism is 2800 years oldest religion among Christianity and Islam.

12.  Egypt was the first country that gave recognition to the state of Israel and Jordan is the second.

13.  Jews believe that the 3rd final temple will be made on this 35-acre land.

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