Maintaining Accountability in Mortgage Advisory- 13angle

Maintaining Accountability In Mortgage Advisory: A Commitment We Stand By

In the realm of mortgage advisory, where financial decisions have lasting consequences, trust and accountability are the foundation of our business model. Trust is essential. It’s a two-way street that requires accountability. In our mortgage advisory business accountability is not a buzzword; it’s a commitment that we wholeheartedly embrace. As [...]

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis-13angle.com

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis

Introduction Prior to the bedeviling economic crisis, Sri Lanka was an island nation doing marvelously well with a nominal GDP of about $84b in 2019 and experiencing a tremendous annual growth rate of 6.4% from 2003 to 2012 together with a 22 million population. Sri Lanka met with the Millennium [...]

Mutual Fund And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

Mutual Funds

What Is Mutual Fund? A mutual fund is an investment avenue that pools finance from various investors to invest it into financial securities like stocks, bonds, money market instruments, or other assets. Mutual funds are coordinated by portfolio managers, who allocate the funds in order to attain appreciation on the [...]

Crude Oil Politics And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

Crude Oil Politics

Introduction “Brent oil prices have increased to a near 14-year high of $140,” said Rahul Kalantri, VP Commodities, Mehta Equities Ltd. Due to delays in the prospective return of Iranian petroleum to global markets and as the US and its European allies explore banning Russian oil imports, oil prices have [...]

one nation one tax And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

One Nation One Tax

Introduction The category of taxation is actually positioned beneath heads of direct and Indirect Taxation. Direct Taxation, which may be immediately paid via way of means of the people to the authority’s government while in Indirect Taxation, the vendor acts as an agent to the authorities to gather taxes from [...]

Angel Investors And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

Angel Investors

Origin An Angel investor provides capital for business start-ups or established businesses in exchange for ownership equity. These people have standby cash accessible and are on the lookout for higher returns that is more than the outdated investment returns. Some investors work in groups while others work independently.  The expression [...]

Trade Wars And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

Trade Wars

History Of War Trade Trade war battles have been going on for years given the fact that nations have constantly traded amongst themselves. A trade war takes place when a country raises import tariffs or restrictions on other countries’ imports during the trade. However, the trade war of 2022 is [...]

The Rise Of Global Protectionism In India- 13angle.com

The Rise Of Global Protectionism In India

Introduction The area of global exchange approaches are bifurcated into two structures: Liberalized exchange arrangements, viz. general free enterprise monetary approaches, and protectionist exchange arrangements, viz. forcing levies and non-duty measures on trading nations by bringing in nations. The term protectionism has been around for quite a while in the [...]

Union Budget 2022-23- 13angle.com

Union Budget 2022-2023

What Is A Government Budget? A government budget is a report prepared by the government and additionally other political entities introducing its expected duty incomes (Inheritance charge, annual expense, enterprise charge, import burdens) and proposed spending/expenditure (Healthcare, Education, Defense, Roads, State Benefit) for the approaching financial year. In most parliamentary [...]

Non-Fungible Token And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

While many out there stand critical of the Crypto world due to its unhealthy position for our climate, some even calling it a stupid course to tread on, the very latest craze for the NFT in the crypto land is ever thriving and picking up more and more steam as [...]

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

Introduction Established in 1875 by cotton merchant Premchand Roychand, a Rajasthani Jain businessman, it is the oldest stock exchange in Asia, and also the tenth oldest in the world. The BSE is the 9th largest stock exchange with an overall market capitalization of more than ₹276.713 lakh crore, as of [...]

Indian Stock Market Scam 1992 And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

Indian Stock Market Scam 1992

Introduction The 1992 Indian stock market scam was a market abuse led by Harshad  Shantilal Mehta with the help of politicians and bankers on the Bombay Stock Exchange. This scam is also known as the Harshad Mehta scam. The scam disturbed the Indian stock market. It was the biggest money [...]

1991 Economics Reforms and their top 13 interesting facts- 13angle.com

1991 Economics Reforms

Introduction Economic reforms are a set of fundamental adjustments that began in 1991 with the goal of liberalization of the economy and speeding up its development rate. In 1991, the Narasimha Rao government began economic policies in order to restore internal and external confidence in the Indian economy. The changes [...]

Cashless Economy !- 13angle.com

Cashless Economy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izeI1OY2JHIhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oyxX-x_nzo Introduction A cashless transaction is one where no token currency is used for financial transactions but rather through digital information. This method of paying through cashless transactions has been possible through barter systems in the past and credit, debit, or mobile payments at present. These days a digital form [...]