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Special Note: –

Before submitting your article, please visit our website and make sure that similar articles have not been published before. Articles already published on our website will not be accepted. Only those articles will be accepted which are related to the educational field. Irrelevant or non-informative articles will not be considered.

Write for us- 13angle

Requirements for Guest Blogging:-

  1. For a guest post to be successful, it needs to be rich in content.

  2. The post should be well-written in English.

  3. The content should be detailed and well-researched.

  4. The content should be 100% unique.

  5. The content should be original and not published anywhere else.

  6. No plagiarized content would be accepted.

  7. The Content should be at least 1000-1200 words.

  8. After writing the article, you have to include 13 interesting facts about the related topic and draw a conclusion after finishing the topic.

  9. Content must be packed with information that readers can take inspiration from.

  10. The articles need to be submitted in Word (.doc) no other format would be accepted.

  11. Give the post a proper title and description with a keyword.

  12. Divide the content by using proper headings and sub-headings.

  13. If any quotes or photos are used they should be correctly attributed in the post. Images should be of high resolution and horizontal in form.


You are not allowed to share your piece of work to any other website that you Will submit on 13angle.

Guest Blogging Submission Process:-

  1. You can share your article with us. If we think it will be a good read for our readers then we will publish it on our website. Read the blog post requirements and topic requirements before sending the post.

  2. You can share the article via Email or WhatsApp given below.

  3. As you submit your article, the editor will review your submission and determine whether it is a potential fit or not. If your article meets the terms and conditions of our website, our editor will read the article for things like organization, style, originality, etc. And the editor will let you know if any changes are needed.

  4. Once the editing process is complete, we will schedule you for publication. We will give you a specific publication date when the article is almost ready to go live.


The article will be reviewed against the above-mentioned guidelines. If it meets the guidelines and the content is unique, plagiarism free and not published before, we will post it on our website.

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