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Meira Paibi: The Torchbearers Of Resistance In Manipur

Introduction Meira Paibi, a term deeply rooted in the vibrant culture and history of Manipur, represents a significant movement that has brought about remarkable social change in the region. Translating to “women torchbearers” or “women who carry torches,” Meira Paibi refers to a collective of courageous women who have become [...]

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Beef Ban

Introduction There are several inconsistencies between non-Indian and Indian perspectives on vegetarianism. Cattle, especially cows, were neither inviolable nor adored in ancient times; according to D. N. Jha’s 2009 book The Myth of the Holy Cow, although he did not provide any evidence from the Vedas, Upanishads, or other Hindu [...]

Sexual Coercion Among Animals And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

Sexual Coercion Among Animals

To be obvious, sexual crimes against animals are a taboo subject, but they are not uncommon occurrences. Individual animals assaulted by their owners in their homes to organized bestiality activities staged in secret, generally rural locales are among the case facts. Animal cruelty can come in a variety of forms. [...]

QAnon And Its Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com


Introduction QAnon has been the biggest thing on the internet for a very long time. I was all over the news, social media and its supporters never held back from rallies and demonstrations. So what exactly is QAnon and what made the conspiracy spread like fire? QAnon is an American [...]

Date Rape And Its Top 13 Facts- 13angle.com

Date Rape

Introduction Date Rape, commonly known as acquaintance rape, is a term described by the physical forceful engagement of a victim into unwanted sexual activity by a known person. It could be a peer through violence, misuse of authority, verbal manipulation, or even a romantically involved partner. It often takes place between two [...]

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Generational Conflicts

When the interests or ideals of one generation collide openly with those of another, generational conflict occurs. Our perspective on work, relationships, and our place in the world is shaped by the era in which we grew up, but what we need and want at any given time is determined [...]

Marital Rape and its top 13 facts- 13angle.com

Marital Rape

Introduction Marital rape is a form of domestic violence and sexual abuse in which a husband engages in sexual activity with his wife without her permission. Although ancient laws did not consider it a crime, many international governments now recognize the woman’s right to consent. Even though there is no [...]

Unemployment And Its Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com


What Is Unemployment? Usually, Unemployment is a term that refers to graduates who are skilled and efficient to work and actively seeking the job but find it difficult to find one. As we all know employment plays a role in the health of the economy. The income and the expenditure [...]

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Religious Discrimination

Introduction People of different religions are bound to have different opinions and beliefs. These people form a diverse society, which is necessary for growth and advancement in all aspects. Diverse cultural and religious perspectives bring ingenuity and inspire innovation. Religious discrimination has been a major obstacle in our society, dating [...]