India Vs New Zealand world cup 2023- 13angle

India’s Thrilling Victory Over New Zealand In World Cup 2023

India 274/6 (48.0) vs New Zealand 273 (50.0) Introduction In a thrilling encounter at Dharamsala, India continued its dominant run in the 2023 World Cup, securing a hard-fought victory over New Zealand. This victory marked India’s fifth consecutive win in the tournament, pushing them to the top of the points [...]

Gaganyaan Mission- 13angle

India’s Gaganyaan TV-D1 Mission And The Journey To Human Spaceflight

Introduction In the vast expanse of space, humanity has always found its greatest challenges and its most profound inspirations. The pursuit of knowledge, exploration, and our unyielding determination to stretch beyond the confines of Earth have been the hallmark of our species. And now, at the threshold of a new [...]

Biography Of Neeraj Chopra- 13angle.com

Neeraj Chopra: The Inspiring Journey Of India’s Javelin Sensation

Name: Neeraj Chopra Born: 24 December 1997 in Khandra, Haryana, India Education: DAV College, Chandigarh Height: 1.82 m (6 ft 0 in) Weight: 86 kg (190 lb) Father’s name: Satish Kumar Chopra Mother’s name: Saroj Devi Chopra Marital Status: Single Military Rank: JCO (Junior Commissioned Officer) in the rank of [...]

Chandrayaan-3 mission- 13angle

India’s Bold Leap To The Moon’s South Pole: Chandrayaan-3’s Quest For Discovery

Introduction Imagine the vast sky, where stars twinkled like friendly winks, and the Moon watched quietly – there unfolded a story of courage, wonder, and triumph: the story of Chandrayaan-3. It was more than just a space journey; it was a tale of dreams coming true, of hard work and [...]

Litti Chokha Recipe- 13angle.com

Litti Chokha: The Beloved Delicacy That Defines Bihar

Litti Chokha is a traditional dish from the state of Bihar, located in eastern India. It is a culinary gem that holds a rich history and cultural significance in the region. Litti Chokha is not just a dish; it represents the essence of Bihari cuisine and the lifestyle of the [...]

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Global Recognition- 13angle.com

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Global Recognition: A List Of International Awards And Honours

Introduction Prime Minister Narendra Modi has received numerous international awards and honours throughout his tenure, reflecting his exceptional leadership and vision. Recently, he was bestowed with France’s highest honour, the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour, by French President Emmanuel Macron. This prestigious accolade, recognized for its significance in [...]

The Grand Cross Of The Legion Of Honour- 13angle

The Grand Cross Of The Legion Of Honour: France’s Highest Honour

Introduction The Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour, or “Grand Croix de la Légion d’Honneur” in French, holds a position of utmost prestige as France’s highest honour. Established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, the Legion of Honour is an esteemed order of merit that recognizes exceptional contributions to France [...]

The Enchanting Ghats of Banaras- 13angle.com

The Enchanting Ghats Of Banaras: A Journey Along The Sacred River

Introduction Banaras, commonly known as Varanasi, is a captivating city that embodies spirituality and cultural richness. Located on the banks of the holy River Ganges in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, Banaras holds the distinction of being one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on Earth. Its profound spiritual [...]

Meira Paibi The Torchbearers Of Resistance In Manipur- 13angle.com

Meira Paibi: The Torchbearers Of Resistance In Manipur

Introduction Meira Paibi, a term deeply rooted in the vibrant culture and history of Manipur, represents a significant movement that has brought about remarkable social change in the region. Translating to “women torchbearers” or “women who carry torches,” Meira Paibi refers to a collective of courageous women who have become [...]

India-US Initiative On Critical And Emerging Technology (ICET)- 13angle.com

India-US Initiative On Critical And Emerging Technology (ICET): Strengthening Strategic Partnerships And High-tech Cooperation

Introduction To iCET And Its Significance The iCET initiative, which stands for India-US Collaboration for Emerging Technologies, is a ground-breaking effort aimed at strengthening the strategic partnership between India and the United States in the domain of critical and emerging technologies. This collaborative endeavour reflects the growing recognition of the [...]