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Rafale Deal

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Rafale deal and top 13 interesting facts-13angle.com


  • Over the past few years, air forces were always engaged in crisis or conflicts, thus it is became very important for every nation to make their air forces the strongest one. Some nations took the decision to make a new aircraft which will be the most powerful aircraft of modern world; the rafale with its “omnirole” ability was the answer to this emerging question. The assault Rafael was constructed by Dassault Aviation in France, its literal meaning is ‘gust of wind’ and if we talk in military sense then its meaning is ‘burst of fire’. Rafale aircraft provides wide range of weapons; it’s a multirole fighter aircraft and is known as ‘omnirole’ aircraft by the company dassault. 1st model of rafale i.e. rafale A demo took its first flight on July 4, 1986. In the market this powerful aircraft was launched on 18 May 2001. Primarily rafale aircraft was used by French air and space force, French navy, Indian air force and Qatar air force. Till 2021, 237 aircrafts were built.

Manufacturers Of Rafale

  • Dassault aviation S.A is a French private company, there company manufacturers aircrafts for military and business jets. It is an aerospace defense space industry which was founded 93 years ago i.e. in 1929 by Marcel Bloch, name of the company was kept on changing again and again but finally in 1971 the company was given a permanent name and that was ‘dassault aviation’ . The headquarters of dassault aviation is in Paris, France. Eric trappier is the chairman and CEO of the company since January 9, 2013. The company manufactured a large amount of aircrafts, some of them are: – Dassault Mirage IV, Dassault Mirage 2000, Dassault rafale, MD 315 Flamant, Cavalier MD 610 etc.

Development Of Rafael Missile

Development Of Rafael Missile- 13angle.com
  • Dassault Rafael Missile is the greatest, game-changer asset.

  • Indian Air force has ever had. Now, obviously, it’s being considered as a far better weapon Pakistan or China forces ever had it carries a lot of special as well as unique elements in itself that makes it a real stand out from others and hence called as a

  • “Game changer” for the Indian defense system.

  • Now, to get to know what are those elements that make “Rafael” better than all other missiles? Let’s take a look at its development process which will give a better look at those elements.

Origin– The very first initiate was taken by French Air as well as navy together in the year mid-1970 to create such a strong, unique, impeccable weapon that would change everything and turn the tables in their favor which definitely did happen in the future.

  • In the whole discussing process and coming to the terms of putting this idea of having such influential weapon made into action took them almost 8-9 years as in 1979 a French “arming” company, as well as 4 other countries, did a collaboration project of creating that aircraft but things didn’t work out in their favor at that time this happens during 1981.

Designing & Up Gradation

  • Firstly “Rafael” is constructed, developed, and modified under the watch of Dassault Aviation French Company who did collaborate with other countries together to create this aircraft.

  • Now, as France is the only one to develop this type of aircraft, and in fact, its different types/versions are made by France only. They made it enough capable to perform roles on a specialized platform.

  • Moving on, from 1978 to 1982 all these years were taken for the whole process of finalizing the main manufacturer as well as the design of this aircraft which was called “Avion de combat experimental” at that time. A lot of things were changed in the design-in of the aircraft. In fact, the configuration number also cut short from 4 to 2.

  • Some features like canards, delta wings as well as a single vertical tail in the design were also excluded to improvise the model, structure as well as the capacity of it. At last, the manufacturing got started in the year 1984

Variants Of Rafael

Variants of Rafael- 13angle.com

1. Rafale A

Technology demonstrators, first take to the air in 1986.

2. Rafale D

Dassault used this appointment in the early 1990s to import the new semi- stealthy design features.

3. Rafale B variant F3-R

Two- seated version for the French Air Force. It can operate with the Talos targeting pod. French Air Force ordered F3-R (45 Jets) will be delivered between 2019 and 2023.

4. Rafale C variant F3-R

Rafale B F3-R single – seat version for the French Air Force.

5. Rafale M variant F3-R

C F3-R carrier-borne version entered for the French Naval Aviation in 2001 for service, for carrier operations, the M model has a strengthened airframe longer nose gear leg to come up with more nose-up attitude, larger tailhook b/w the engines, and built-in boarding ladder. The Rafale M weighs 500kg (1,100 lb.) more than the Rafale C.

6. Rafale N

This was a planned mission- only two-seater version for the Aeronaval originally called the Rafale BM

7. Rafale R

Proposed Survey oriented variant

8. Rafale DM

Two-seater version for the Egyptian Air Force.

9. Rafale EM

Single-seat version for the Egyptian Air Force

10. Rafale DH

Two-seater version for the Indian Air Force

11. Rafale EH

Single-seat category for the Indian Air Force

12. Rafale DQ

Two-seater sort for the Qatar Emiri Air Force

13. Rafale EQ

Single-seat version for the Qatar Emiri Air Force

Failure Faced By Rafale Aircraft

  • Two Rafale Fighters that crashed in the Mediterranean after a mid-air collision, the French Navy said Saturday; there was no word of a missing pilot. The Navy said both aircrafts had also picked the smoke signal from the signal. The two supersonic jets were flying back to the aircraft carrier after finishing a test flight. When they went down. One pilot was pushed to safety after his release but ships and helicopters have so far failed to find any source of the second. Defense Minister Herve Morin reports the crash accident and said starting detecting. They said the combat planes had not run into any problems.

  • The Brazilian Air Force has asked for details on the accident, the first involving the naval model of the Rafale, which is competing with the US-Boeing-made F/A-18 Super Hornet and the Griper NG made by Sweden’s Saab for the Contract. France is in final-stage debate with Brazil for the sale, estimated at between five and seven billion euros, of 36 rafales, the first export contract for the Dassault-made planes.

India’s Deal With France

India’s Deal With France- 13angle.com
  • In India rafale deal became a big political controversial issue, UPA government ordered 126 rafale jets to France government in 2008 but the fighter jets never arrived in India thus in April 2015 during the BJP government rule that deal was canceled and a new deal was made, in that deal, our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi ordered for 36 rafale jets in a government to government deal. In his live meeting, he informed us that 36 rafale jets have been ordered by the government and will arrive in fly-away condition in India. After a few days, our defense minister Shri Manohar Parrikar too announced that the deal which was signed between the Indian national congress and France government for 126 fighter jets was canceled, the new negotiations worth 59,000 crores is signed.

1. What Turned Into The Controversy?

  • Questions were asked about making a new deal with the same country, same company, and canceling the old negotiations. The opposition party alleged that the NDA government is buying the same product but at a much higher price than the one which was negotiated by the old government. The opposition party also alleged that the outline of the deal favors a particular private defense company and does not include transfer technology while in the older negotiations out of 126 fighter jets 108 were to be assembled by the Hindustan aeronautics ltd. And rest 18 fighter jets were purchased in a fully installed way. The NDA government declined to share the cost of fighter jets due to the security agreements signed between the NDA government and France government in Jan 2008.

2. Has It Been The Practice To Share The Cost Of Defense Deals With The Parliament?

  • In several cases cost of purchasing the items is shared in the parliament but in many cases, details of the deal have been kept secret due to national security. Government is duty-bound to share the full costing details with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India [CAG] and Public Affairs Guidance [PAG]

  • The prices cannot be compared as we all know the market kept on fluctuating and so are the prices so realistically we cannot compare the prices as both the deals were made on different time frames, guarantees were given differently in both the deals.

3. What Is The Merit Of Buying 36 Aircraft In A Fly-away Condition?

  • Every country has its fighter squadron, this makes the air force of the country strong, Indian government clearly told that the squadron strength of the Indian air force is coming down at a rapid rate. A squadron requires 42 squadrons but they had only 31 and if we had not purchased the Rafale jet then they would have come down to 19 in a few years so just to make up those numbers Indian government purchased new fighter jets for their defense. According to some reports, the Indian government planned a different strategy and that is these aircraft are planned to carry nuclear weapons, currently, MIRAGE2000 and other weapons manufactured by the French company Dassault are carrying nuclear weapons in India but they will soon go out of service so to maintain the strength government purchased new aircraft.

4. How Defensible Is The Accusation Of The Deal Benefitting A Private Company?

  • The private company is not chosen by us, the company is chosen by the foreign vendor which was Dassault in our case but the questions are raised because this new private Indian company is new to the market and has no experience in defense as well.

5. Is The Government Transparent In Solving The Controversy Or It Can Be Countrified?

  • NDA government tried their level best to solve the controversy, the defense minister holds a press conference then after some days government claimed that they have purchased these aircraft at much cheaper rates than the UPA government but it would be great if the government revealed some of the figures may be in terms of bid prices but as bid prices are not revealed due to national security then at least in terms of the benchmark prices which was decided by the defense ministry during both the deals.

6. What Are The Advantages Of Purchasing Rafael?

  • Dassault Rafael is the biggest plus point for the Indian defense system. The main reason for saying this is because Rafael is a better and improvised jet in every possible aspect especially in comparison to the Chinese and Pakistan Air Force.

  • Rafael is also capable of posing a long-range shot that too in the air with that it is also capable of having a long shot range from air to surface. It also has a sensors via-a-via PAF feature in it which makes it unique.

  • It also has the feature of taking off from high altitude areas for an instant from the led airbase that too with absolute accuracy.

  • Rafael’s Deal has also landed India in a profitable tie-up with France guarantees India of providing industrial support for the next 50 years

7. What Are The Disadvantages Of Purchasing Rafael?

  • Although, Dassault Rafael Deal has more pros than cons in it still this deal has affected the Indian government as well as its economy in some ways. The cost of Rafael was & is considered as the most expensive deal till now.

Top 13 Interesting Facts About Rafale Deal

  1. The French-made Rafale Fighter Jet is a high-precision medium multi-role combat aircraft. This is one of the most modern 4th Generation Aircraft. It can carry mixed weaponry to deliver them accurately. Rafale Fighter Jets are built in such a way that they can make sure their survivability with onboard systems themselves. This fighter Aircraft’s pledge survival in a hostile air environment and establish high maneuverability.

  2. Rafale Fighter Jet has two engines and the capacity to carry up to three 2000 liters tanks on each of the wet points. This fighter Jet has Active Electronically scanned array (AESA) radar with a range of over 350km. Rafale Fighter Jet has the capability to look down and shoot down. They have also anti-discrimination Electronic Warfare (EW) system.

  3. Rafale Fighter Jet has the capability to bring six air to air missiles (AAM), six specialist bombs. They integrated with MBDA Meteor BVRAAM afar visual range air missile and SCALP air to ground missile. The BrahMos NG missile also parts on it.

  4. Rafale has the ability to refuel in the air. They can refuel another aircraft in fellow mode. This Rafale is manufactured based on Indian Specific Enhancements (ISE) for IAF.

  5. The Rafale Fighter Jets have several India-specific moderations. They include Israeli helmet-mounted display, low band jammers, radar warning receivers, infra-red search, and tracking systems. They have 10-hour flight data recording between others.

  6. The rafale has the energy to stack five planes of enemies.

  7. Rafale is a completely current and powerful plane. If you compare the Chinese J-20 and the rafale of India, the rafale is without difficulty a long way better on many components than the Chinese fighter J-20.

  8. Rafale’s combat radius is three thousand 700 km at the same time as J-20s combat radius is three thousand 400 km. Combat radius means the distance a fighter plane can go from its base at once.

  9. China is yet to produce a brand new tech. engine for its j-20 fighter plane and is currently the use of Russian engines, whilst rafale has an effective and reliable M-88 engine.

  10. 6 laser-guided bombs also can be outfitted with three sorts of lethal missiles en rafale.

  11. Rafale can elevate one and a ½ times the greater weight than its weight while J-20 can carry 1-2 times. That is, rafale can carry extra guns and gas with it.

  12. The most crucial component is that rafale has shown its capability at the battlefield. Rafale is deployed within the French air force and navy for closing 14 years.

  13. In Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, and Libya, the rafale has proven its capability whereas, in comparison, China has introduced its J-20 fighter aircraft in 2017, simply 3years in the past.

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