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Biography Of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo- 13angle.com
  • Cristiano Ronaldo dos santos aveiro, also known as cristiano ronaldo to many, is a professional portuguese footballer who was born on february 5 , 1985 in santo antónio, madeira, portugal. At the age of 14 ronaldo decided to focus to pursue his dream of becoming a professional football player. Cristiano currently plays as a forward for the club manchester united and portugal national team which he leads as a captain. He carries the ‘7 on his back as his jersey number ’. His father’s name is jose’ divis aveiro and his mother’s name is maria dolores dos santos aveiro.he has four children,two sons and two twin daughters, named cristiano ronaldo jr., mateo ronaldo, alana martina dos santos aveiro and eva mario dos santos.


  • 1995-Cristiano Ronaldo joined ‘Nacional’ a football club in his hometown of Madeira in the upcoming years, Cristiano gave trials and joined ‘sporting cp’ which was one of the biggest clubs of Portugal. While in sporting cp, he played for different cups at national and international levels.

  • In 2003- he played a match from CP sporting of UEFA champions league against manchester united. This match resulted out to be a career-changing point for him. Impressed by Cristiano’s performance during the match sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of the English club manchester united shook hands with Ronaldo and brought him to his club officially the same year. Ronaldo even in manchester always managed to impress his manager and the teammates with his performance. in the first season, he scored 3 goals in the league. He scored 84 goals in 196 league games for the club and became one of the best players in the world.

club of ronaldo- 13angle.com
  • In 2006-Cristiano Ronaldo was an integral part of the Portuguese national team as they qualified for the semi-final of the 2006 world cup. The following year, Cristiano was declared the captain of the national team of Portugal.

  • In 2009-he became the most expensive player in the world after the Spanish giants Real Madrid paid euro 80 million for the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from manchester united to real Madrid. He scored 33 goals in his very first season. In the following season, he ended the Spanish league season with 40 goals which made a record in the league’s history.

club of ronaldo- 13angle.com
  • In 2021-Ronaldo was once again sold on a summer transfer to manchester united for euro 15 million.


1. 2003- Sir matt busby player of the year

2. 2004- Bravo award

3. 2004- Fifpro special young player of the year

4. 2005- Fifpro special young player of the year

5. 2006- Sir matt busby player of the year

6. 2006- PFA fans’ player of the year

7. 2006- Premier league player of the season

8. 2006- FWA footballer of the year

9. 2006- PFA young player of the year

10. 2006- PFA players’ player of the year

11. 2006- PFA team of the year

12. 2007- PFA players’ player of the year

13. 2007- Premier League golden boot

14. 2007- PFA team of the year

15. 2007- FWA footballer of the year

15. 2007- Premier league player of the season

16. 2007- UEFA club footballer of the year

17. 2007- Sir matt busby player of the year

18. 2007- PFA fans’ player of the year

19. 2007- UEFA champions league forward of the year

20. 2008- Ballon d’Or winner

21. 2008- European golden shoe

22. 2008- Goal 50

23. 2008- Premier league player of the month

24. 2008- PFA team of the year

25. 2008- World soccer player of the year

26. 2008- UEFA champions league top goalscorer

27. 2008- Onze d’Or

28. 2009- FIFA world player of the year

29. 2009- FIFA Puskas award

30. 2010- UEFA team of the year

31. 2010- FIFA Fifpro world xi

32. 2011- European golden shoe

33. 2011- Pichichi trophy

34. 2011- UEFA team of the year

35. 2011- Trofeo alfredo di stefano

36. 2011- FIFA Fifpro world xi

37. 2012- Goal 50

38. 2012- UEFA team of the year

39. 2012- FIFA Fifpro world xi

40. 2013- La Liga player of the month

41. 2013- UEFA champions league top goalscorer

42. 2013- IPF most valuable player

43. 2013- IFFHS world’s best top division goal scorer

44. 2014- UEFA best player in Europe award

45. 2014- Pichichi trophy

46. 2014- Best international athlete espy award

47. 2014- BBC overseas sports personality of the year

48. 2014- FIFA ballon d’Or

49. 2014- UEFA champions league top goalscorer

50. 2014- Milliyet sports award for world athlete of the year

51. 2015- Goal 50

52. 2015- Golden foot award

52. 2015- Best male footballer in the world

53. 2015- Men’s player of the year award


54. 2015- Champions league player of the week

55. 2015- Best Portuguese player of all time

56. 2016- FIFA ballon d’Or award

57. 2016- Champions League winner

58. 2017- FIFA Ballon d’Or winner

59. 2017- FIFA confederations cup third place

60. 2017- UEFA super cup

61. 2017- Supercopa de españa

62. 2018- Supercopa Italiana

63. 2018- Series A

64. 2018- UEFA nations league

65. 2020- Golden foot award

66. 2020- Ballon d’Or award

67. 2022- FIFPRO World XI

68. 2022- Special award


Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi

Playing position: Forward

Playing position: Forward

Jersey number: 7

Jersey number: 10

Current club: manchester united

Current club: Paris saint Germany

Club appearances: 1100

Club appearances: 687

National team: Portugal

National team: Argentina

Strengths: Ronaldo can take on any defender with a searing pace, and mesmerizing footwork to boot.his ability to beat a player and whip in crosses makes him a feared opponent. the way his free-kicks were with pace and power is a great asset to his team

Strengths: his ball skills are second to none, his runs from midfield are usually lethal and he is almost impossible to tackle when he gets his head down.his balance when running at speed is incredible. Also, his goal-scoring ability is amazing.  

Weakness: On occasion, he goes to the ground far too easily and sometimes tries a trick when a simple pass would do. Despite his scoring, he sometimes messes up a goal-scoring opportunity by doing fancy moves he is incapable of pulling off.

Weakness: Too often he searches for a way to finish moves by himself without looking for teammates in a better position to shoot a goal.his strength can be questioned at times when trying to finish close to the net and gets pushed off the ball too easily because of the disadvantage of his short height as well.

Career-high: Won the UEFA champions league with manchester united in 2008, and subsequently won the FIFA ballon d’Or.

Career-high: Won the FIFA ballon d’Or 4 times in a row.

Career low: Losing to Greece in the final euro 2004 on home.

Career low: Unable to perform to his best in the 2006 world cup in Germany, where Argentina was eliminated in the quarter-finals with Messi looking on from the bench.

Ballon d’or: He has 6 ballon d’or in total

Ballon d’or: He has 7 ballon d’or in total

Personal Life

  • Cristiano’s childhood was spent in a poor household. His mother used to work as a cook whereas his father was a gardener with the municipality. At the age of 20, ronaldo’s dad died due to overconsumption of alcohol. Also due to poverty there were days where he consumed only one meal a day. But after him becoming a successful football player in the world, ronaldo has had been in relationships with the celebrities like gemma atkinson and alice goodwin, both models in england. His current girlfriend is georgina rodriguez who he met on a dolce and gabbana show. Cristiano ronaldo has announced he and georgina rodriguez are expecting twins. Model georgina, 27, is now three months pregnant with the manchester united star’s babies, according to spanish magazine hola! Ronaldo, 36, is already a dad of four with three of his children born to two surrogate mothers. He was expelled from school after assaulted his teacher by throwing a chair at him.

Motivational Story

  • When Cristiano Ronaldo was a teenager at just 15 years, he was diagnosed with a racing heart. The condition could have potentially led him to hang his boots for good. But he decided to not give up too early. So luckily for him, the condition was repaired through laser surgery. Life must have dealt him a good hand as the surgery was successful, and in a few days, he had recovered and was fit to go back to the pitch for practice.


Accuses of Ronaldo- 13angle.com

In 2009, Ronaldo was accused and arrested of sexually assaulting Kathryn Mayorga in the las vegas hotel. Ronaldo has always denied any wrongdoing and prosecutors decided not to open a criminal case back in 2019, saying allegations leveled against him could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Outside Football

outside football of Ronaldo- 13angle.com
  • He even markets several clothing companies such as cr7 underwear, denim, hotels, and the unusual quilt market. His deals in these businesses total more than 102 million euros.

Top 13 Interesting Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo was named after Ronald Reagan, his dad’s favorite actor.

  2. Ronaldo owns more than 20 luxurious cars making them worth 10 million euros.

  3. He was the highest-paid athlete and the 5th highest-paid celebrity in the world in a particular year.

  4. Third-ever athlete to sign a lifetime endorsement deal with Nike.

  5. Cristiano is 36 years old but hasn’t married anyone yet.

  6. Regular blood donor.

  7. The ‘Museu cr7 museum’ in Portugal is dedicated to Ronaldo.

  8. The University of British Columbia in Canada offers a sociology course about Ronaldo.

  9. Ronaldo is the fourth footballer to be represented as a waxwork at Madame Tussauds London.

  10. Most number hat-tricks.

  11. He has the highest number of Instagram followers in the world adding up to 393 million.

  12. The player with the most penalties scored in a league.

  13. He scored a whopping header against Sampdoria by jumping 2.65 m high in the air.

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