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Yashobhoomi Convention Centre- 13angle

Yashobhoomi Convention Centre: Unveiling The Game-changer In India’s Event Landscape

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YashoBhoomi Convention Centre- 13angle

In a momentous event on September 17, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the YashoBhoomi Convention Centre in Dwarka, marking a splendid milestone in India’s adventure toward turning into a global hub for meetings, exhibitions, and conventions. This visionary challenge is a critical part of the India International Convention and Expo Centre (IICC), located inside the heart of Dwarka, New Delhi. The inauguration now not only signifies India’s dedication to website hosting global-elegance activities but also showcases a harmonious mixture of innovation, infrastructure, and worldwide excellence.

Unveiling YashoBhoomi Convention Centre

The YashoBhoomi Convention Centre is a testament to India’s aspirations within the field of website hosting conferences, conventions, and exhibitions. ‘Yashobhoomi,’ a call that embodies the spirit of fulfillment and achievement, was inaugurated on the Prime Minister’s birthday as a symbol of hope, boom, and transformation.

This tremendous facility ranks some of the international’s biggest MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) venues, boasting an excellent array of features and services designed to elevate India’s stature on the worldwide stage.

Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

One distinguishing function of ‘Yashobhoomi’ is its unwavering dedication to sustainability. The centre carries modern-day environmentally friendly elements, together with a sophisticated wastewater remedy system, rainwater harvesting provisions, and a prestigious Platinum certification from CII’s Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) for its green campus. This dedication to sustainability aligns with the global power towards environmentally accountable event web hosting.

Furthermore, ‘Yashobhoomi’ prioritizes traveller protection through superior security features, making sure of a steady and comfortable environment for all attendees. The centre also helps sustainable transportation with enough electric-powered charging factors in its underground parking facility, making it available and green.

The Grandeur of YashoBhoomi Convention Centre

The YashoBhoomi Convention Centre is an architectural wonder that spans a big seventy-three thousand square meters. It encompasses 15 convention rooms, along with the Main Auditorium, the Grand Ballroom, and thirteen versatile assembly rooms, each designed to cater to various event requirements.

The Plenary Hall, with a seating capacity of approximately 6,000 attendees, is a grand area designed to host principal activities and conferences. The Grand Ballroom, able to accommodate around 2,500 guests, exudes opulence and class, setting the level for unforgettable gala dinners and ceremonies.

The Convention Centre’s aesthetic is similarly better with the aid of a massive LED media facade, progressive seating preparations, wooden flooring, and acoustic wall panels, developing world-magnificence surroundings that leave a lasting effect on all attendees.

The Crown Jewel: The Exhibition Halls

One of the maximum super features of ‘Yashobhoomi’ is its awe-inspiring exhibition halls, covering a magnificent 1.07 lakh rectangular meters. These halls are meticulously designed to host exhibitions, exchange festivals, and business activities on a grand scale. Seamless connectivity to a grand foyer location, adorned with a placed copper ceiling that filters in herbal light, provides the overall grandeur and functionality of the gap.

Investment and Scale

The production and development of ‘Yashobhoomi’ are not anything short of huge. Spanning an in-depth venture area of over eight.9 lakh rectangular meters, with a total constructed-up location exceeding 1.8 lakh square meters, this challenge required an investment of about Rs. 5400 crores. Such enormous funding underscores the authorities’ dedication to growing international-elegance infrastructure and fostering monetary growth through occasion hosting and tourism.

Architectural Marvel By Using CP Kukreja Architects

The architectural brilliance of ‘Yashobhoomi’ is brought to existence by means of the innovative minds at CP Kukreja Architects. The layout seamlessly integrates public stream regions with outdoor spaces, drawing proposals from India’s wealthy cultural and historical past. Terrazzo floors with brass inlays and different culturally stimulated factors lend a completely unique appeal to the venue, celebrating India’s numerous and colorful lifestyle.

In the end, the inauguration of the YashoBhoomi Convention Centre in Dwarka stands as a testimony to India’s commitment to excellence and boom inside the realm of conferences, conventions, and exhibitions. This architectural wonder, with its sustainability tasks, grandeur, and cultural integration, guarantees to play a pivotal function in India’s adventure in the direction of becoming a worldwide hub for occasions of international significance. As ‘Yashobhoomi’ opens its doors to the arena, it sets the level for a future packed with innovation, collaboration, and enormous achievements on the worldwide stage.

Top 13 Interesting Facts

  1. Visionary Inauguration: YashoBhoomi Convention Centre was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, marking an extensive milestone in India’s adventure to end up a global hub for meetings, exhibitions, and conventions.

  2. Global Ambitions: The center symbolizes India’s commitment to website hosting international-class events and goals to compete on the international level.

  3. Eco-Friendly Oasis: YashoBhoomi is a sustainability champion, boasting a prestigious Platinum certification for its eco-friendly campus. It contains features like rainwater harvesting and a trendy wastewater treatment gadget.

  4. Visitor Safety: Advanced security features are in the area to ensure the protection and proper well-being of all attendees.

  5. Sustainable Transportation: The center promotes sustainability with adequate electric charging factors to be had in its underground parking facility.

  6. Expansive Venue: Covering a huge expanse of 73,000 rectangular meters, Yasho Bhoomi gives a plethora of options for events. It includes 15 conference rooms, which include the Plenary Hall and Grand Ballroom.

  7. World-Class Ambiance: YashoBhoomi is designed to offer an unprecedented experience with modern seating arrangements, wooden flooring, and acoustic wall panels.

  8. Magnificent Exhibition Halls: It boasts one of the international’s most good-sized exhibition halls, masking 1.07 lakh square meters, making it a perfect venue for exchange festivals and exhibitions.

  9. Monumental Investment: The undertaking required a sizable investment of about Rs. 5400 crores, reflecting the authorities’s commitment to developing global-class infrastructure.

  10. Architectural Brilliance: Designed by means of CP Kukreja Architects, the center seamlessly integrates public spaces with outdoor areas, drawing inspiration from India’s wealthy cultural background.

  11. Global Impact: YashoBhoomi Convention Centre is positioned to have a worldwide effect, attracting global occasions and meetings, and placing India firmly on the arena map.

  12. Future Forward: YashoBhoomi isn’t always only a convention center; it’s a beacon of innovation and collaboration that promises to form the destiny of occasion hosting in India.

  13. Cultural Integration: The venue celebrates India’s various cultures and heritage through its design elements, together with terrazzo flooring with brass inlays and culturally inspired motifs.


YashoBhoomi Convention Centre stands as a testimony to India’s unwavering dedication to excellence, sustainability, and innovation within the realm of occasion website hosting. Inaugurated with the aid of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this grand venue indicates India’s aspirations to become a worldwide hub for meetings, exhibitions, and conventions, and it is poised to leave an indelible mark on the arena level.

One of the most striking functions of YashoBhoomi is its dedication to sustainability, as contemplated in its Platinum certification and advanced green infrastructure. It isn’t always merely a venue however an embodiment of India’s eco-conscious imagination and prescient for destiny.

YashoBhoomi’s expansive and meticulously designed centres, including its big exhibition halls and global-class conference rooms, offer countless possibilities for hosting diverse activities that can cater to each countrywide and worldwide audience.

With a monumental funding of about Rs. 5400 crore, YashoBhoomi Convention Centre represents the authorities’s commitment to creating pinnacle-tier infrastructure, fostering a monetary boom, and raising India’s worldwide status.

Architecturally, YashoBhoomi seamlessly blends modernity with cultural history, way to the creative brilliance of CP Kukreja Architects. It integrates public areas with out-of-door regions, celebrating India’s rich and diverse traditions.

In the worldwide area, YashoBhoomi has the capacity to redefine India’s function as a bunch for international events, attracting meetings, exhibitions, and conventions of global significance. As it opens its doorways to the arena, it not handiest guarantees to be a venue for innovation and collaboration but additionally an image of India’s prowess in event hosting.

YashoBhoomi Convention Centre is not only a physical structure; it represents India’s imaginative and prescient for a sustainable, culturally wealthy, and globally linked destiny. It is a logo of excellence and a beacon of development, positioning India at the forefront of the world’s occasion website hosting locations. As it embarks on its journey, YashoBhoomi invitations the arena to witness the grandeur and capability of India’s occasion industry and take part in shaping a brighter destiny together.

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