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The Mystery of Tashkent

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The Mystery of Tashkent- 13angle.com

We are living in this world where there is a war going on regarding Power, Respect, Intellect, and even once thought process; Recently I came across one of such wars; ‘The War Of Articles.’ Manier has watched the movie named The Tashkent Files, another impactful movie by none other than Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri. This movie once again raises the question to each and every Indian’s mind, what happened on 11th January 1966? It’s very sad that today’s youth keep themselves away from politics and because of that, the democratic power is handed over to such people who crush the Truth, and reality by placing them under their feet. And besides this National politics because of Bollywood Politics over 80% of people never heard of this film regardless of the depth of the topic and the great wall of actors!!

  • Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan and the relationship between Uzbekistan and India is quite old. All this started back in 1966 right after the war between our very much beloved neighbor Pakistan and India 1965. After several days of heavy negotiation both the countries came to an agreement and the file was signed by India’s second Prime Minister late Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri and Pakistan’s President late Mohammad Ayub Khan on 10th January 1966. And on that night Shastri Ji’s tragic death shocked the whole world. The saint by thought, Gandhi by behavior, who gave White and Green revolution to INDIA, the 1st Economic reformer of India but the death shows us that, “Democracy works on votes; But no it works on Ideologies and Intellectuals.”

  • The whole film was built around the young reporter named Ragini who is in search of the actual truth behind Shastri Ji’s death. In the year 2019 one of India’s famous authors, Mr. Anuj Dhar published a book of his study on Lal Bahadur Shastri named ‘Your Prime Minister is Dead.’ In that book, he published 3 of his theories.

1. CIA murdered Shastriji so that the Tashkent accords fail.

  • Although Shastriji was a follower of Gandhiji he was a true fighter and with help of the great scientist Dr. Homi J. Bhabha India was about to unleash nuclear power and the CIA couldn’t bear that because of that reason after the death of Shastriji in Tashkent Dr. Homi J. Bhabha died or killed after 13 days in the Alps in a plane crash. (Another mystery to be solved)

  • Back in the days a book was published named ‘Conversations with a Crew’ in that book one of the High ranking CIA officers Robert Crowley gave an interview to Gregory Douglas. Robert Crowley statemented that, “We have to get rid of that cow-loving, ragged-looking, a stupid leader who had come pretty close to building a nuclear bomb, with the help of Dr. Homi J. Bhabha; And it had become crucial for us to get both of them out of the way, and we got rid of both of them at the blink of an eye.”

CIA murdered Shastriji so that the Tashkant accords fail- 13angle

2. Russia’s intelligence agency Poisoned Shastri Ji.

  • The next suspicion was on Russia’s intelligence agency KGB. Some of us believed that Shastri ji was poisoned by the KGB for their own benefit and succeeded to keep it a secret for more than half a century. Vasili Nikitich Mitrokhin the KGB’s archivist and First Chief Directorate wrote a book reciting all the missions done by KGB named Mitrokhin Archives and it is known as the best Counter Intelligence report, but our government didn’t give rights to publish this book in India by the fear of the Truth. If the book was published then, then no one could stop the Civil War!! It was clearly mentioned that India was for sale in the 1970s. The agency applied no witness protocol and Dr. Chug and his family became the first victims of this protocol, Dr. Chug, and his wife died in a car accident.

3. Indian politicians murdered Shastri Ji for their personal gains

Our previous governments always showed and proved to us that, ‘Globalization is just another word for Corporate Slavery.’ and they never forget to follow that. Why was there a need to ban the Mitrokhin Archive if no one was involved in the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri? The fascinating thing is Lal Bahadur Shastri ji was the only Prime minister having  2 different medical reports because few evidence supports that, the KGB created 2 medical reports, one for India, which was signed only by 6 doctors, and one for the USSR; and this report was signed by 8 doctors also including Dr. Chug and Dr. E.G. Yeremenko. We never get to see the USSR report besides the best intelligence system. On the other hand, the funnier thing is no one asked about Ramnath the personal attendant of Shastri ji. He met with an accident once, where he survived. But then he met with another accident at Janpath in Delhi that left him crippled and later he passed away. Another mystery to be solved because he was the witness along with Dr. Chug and both of them died a couple of weeks after Shastri Ji’s death. The key points to consider here are in parliament proceedings the medical report was mentioned and was read out but it didn’t get published in the parliament proceedings public copy, And USSR did ask India to do the postmortem of Shastri ji but the Indian government refused it and it’s the highest level of shame! And when Anuj Dhar asked for the Truth behind Shastri Ji’s death under the Right to Know Act in 2009 the government denied that too.:((We all Indians must remember as we all say India is of Nehru and Gandhi but it is also of Shastri’s. Never forget the sacrifice and don’t turn a blind eye to his work!

Talking about the characters played by actors Mithun da and Nasaruddin Shah played the role of politicians who don’t care about Shastri Ji’s death and also the growth of the nation, and their selfishness is shown throughout the movie. Pallavi Joshi played the role of Historian, Ex-Raw Chief GK Ananthasuresh played by Prakash Belawdi, Vishvendra Pratap Singh the youth leader of the ruling party played by Prashant Guptha, Indira Joseph played by Mandira Bedi, and many more supporting characters were played by various actors and it is shown that all of them are selfish and they didn’t care at all about Shastriji and that part hurt the most. How can someone become so selfish that they didn’t see the country’s favor for its growth over their own benefits? This movie ends with a few questions unanswered. If the files were disclosed back then, then what would the government take? Did it charge the politicians or their family members for their deeds? Will this movie change the perspective of youngsters? The previous governments did few good jobs but why did they scam and rob their own brothers and sisters? Why did India get colonized again after 10 years of Shastri Ji’s death? Why did the word ‘Socialism’ get added to the constitution as using Socialism word in the constitution is Murdering the constitution said by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar? The pace of the movie is moderate but the actors keep the act going and sail through it. I will rate it 4 out of 5 Star(⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Top 13 Interesting Facts from Mitrokhin Archives

  1. India has been regarded as an Imperialist puppet.

  2. A topmost leader Indira Gandhi, codenamed VANO by the KGB, was sent a suitcase of money meant for the (Grand old party) coffers. Leonid Shebarshin of KGB personally gave 2 million to Indira Gandhi and 1 million to a newspaper supporting her. Another 3 secret gifts worth 2 million ₹ were given to Indira Gandhi.

  3. In April 1971 the politburo approved the establishment of a secret fund of 1.5 million to fund active-measures operations in India over the next 4 years.

  4. In 1978 KGB was running over 30 agents in India, 10 of whom were Indian Intelligence Officers.

  5. KGB subsidized election campaigns of 9 agents of the grand old party candidate and 21 non-communist politicians.

  6. The CPI was funded in many ways, including the transfer of money through car windows on Delhi roads.

  7. In 1975, a total of 10.6 million roubles were spent in India to strengthen the support for Mrs. Gandhi and undermine her political opponents.

  8. Leonid Shebarshin claimed credit for using agents of influence to Mrs. Gandhi to declare the emergency.

  9. After the election of February 1967, the KGB claimed that it was able to influence 30 to 40 percent of the new parliament.

  10. By 1973 KGB had 10 Indian newspapers on its payroll as well as a press agency under its control.

  11. In 1972 KGB claimed to have planted 3,789 articles in Indian newspapers – probably more than in any other country in the non-communist world. By 1975, it rose to 5,510.

  12. Suitcases full of banknotes were said to be routinely taken to the Prime Minister’s house. Former syndicate member S.K.Patil is reported to have said that she did not even return the suitcases.

  13. KGB was the real key behind Mrs. Gandhi’s 16 years of Prime ministry and in many other incidents. This Indo-Soviet special relationship, to which the KGB has devoted so much of its energies for most of the Cold War was at the end of 1991. This means India was ruled and managed by Mughals, then Britishers, and lastly by Russians because of this jargon.

Parth kabadi- 13angle writer

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