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Republic of Molossia

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Republic of Molossia- 13angle.com

Name of country

Republic Of Molossia




Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


Grand Republic of Vuldstein

May 26, 1977

• the Kingdom of Molossia proclaimed

May 1998

• Communist government

June 1998

• the First Republic of Molossia established

September 3, 1999

• Dictatorship of Kickassia proclaimed

April 9th, 2010

• the Second Republic of Molossia established

April 11th, 2010

National flag

Flag of Republic of Molossia- 13angle.com

Founder and President

Kevin Baugh

First Lady


Adrianne Baugh



Time zone

Molossian Standard Time (UTC-7:21)

National anthem

Fair Molossia Is Our Home

National language

English, Esperanto, Spanish

Total Area claimed

0.0053 km2 (0.0020 sq mi)


Western USA, state of Nevada, Southern California, San Bernardino County

Country Calling Code

          +1 775

  • There are 195 countries in which 193 countries are member states of the United Nations and 2 countries are non-observer states in the world.

  • All the countries in the world have different protocols, but there are some countries that have not been recognized by the United Nations or don’t have any friendly relationships with any countries. And these self-proclaimed nations are called micronations.


  • The Republic of Molossia is a micronation located in the Dayton Valley near Nevada, the largest arid region in North America. Sometimes this is called a model country or a new country project.

  • The Republic of Molossia stood on a small piece of land near Nevada. Its democracy is a self-proclaimed dictatorship that is easily ridiculed in all countries. It claims to be universal.

  • They always try to do real activities with real people. There are no imaginary people.

  • They post their navy twice a year. They say they are proud of their boat crew, and they are very excited about future adventures.

  • Their customs office is the main gate to their nation through which travelers usually pass.

  • They have a space program, they launch rockets. Molossia is the first micronation to launch a rocket. Inside was a living thing.

  • They choose Mexican Jumping Beans; It’s safe and good. Because they don’t want to hit anything by dropping a rocket.

  • The Republic of Molossia has its own navy, naval academy, space program, railroads, postal services, banks, tourist attractions, measurement systems, online movie theaters, online radio stations, and even time zones.

What Is A Micronation?

  • The micronation is an entity. They claim that they belong to an independent country or nation, but they are not recognized as a country by other large governments or international organizations, which means it lacks legal recognition to be a world.

  • Currently, there are 67 separate micronations. They have their own border, government, law, banking system, and military. But they aren’t considered a country.

  • In which, we’re going to learn about the Republic of Molossia.


History of Republic of Molossia- 13angle.com
  • Molossia was founded by Kevin Baugh while he was a teenager on 26 May 1997. It was a kingdom for over twenty years, followed by a people’s democratic republic, which became today’s republic in 1999.

  • In 997 Molossia was known by the name the Grand Republic of Vuldstein and then renamed the Kingdom of Molossia.

  • Kevin, his friend who founded this country, abandoned the idea after a short time, but Kevin continued with his hobby and now he is successful to make a developed micronation. He always keeps working for the development of his country and the welfare of the people. It has been 40 years since the foundation of this country was laid, but tourists continue to come.

  • When tourists came to Molossia. On this trip, Kevin himself introduces the nation and shows the buildings and roads of the country to the tourists.

  • In 1997 as a teenager, Kevin thought about this pretended kingdom. He made borders of territory and renamed the Republic of Vuldustein the Republic of Molossia in 1999.

  • In 1995, this nation was transplanted to Nevada USA. In 1998 they bought land and considered it their home.

  • James Spielman was declared king and Kevin was declared the prime minister of this micronation.

  • Kelvin Baugh claimed that the idea of Molossia was based on the film “The Mouse That Roared”.

  • In August 2003, Molossia expanded its area, bought land in California, and became a Farfalla colony. At the end of 2005, they surrendered but then in February 2015, it was withdrawn by them.


  • Only 34 people live in this country, of which 30 are humans and four are dogs. Molossia nationals consider themselves to be citizens of a developing nation. The people of Molossia don’t have paved roads, an airport, or a hospital but it has just about everything else. 


Government of Republic of Molossia- 13angle.com
  • His excellency, president grand admiral Kevin Baugh, is president of Molossia. He is the protector, guardian, and leader of the nation.

  • The government of Molossia was established formally and officially after 1998.

  • The government has recognized Madam Adrianne Baugh as vice president and The First Lady of the Nation of the Republic of Molossia.

  • In September 1998, Molossia sacrificed sovereignty and joined the United Provinces of Utopia.

  • The president prefers to spend the government’s money on better things, rather than on a grand mansion.

Diplomatic Policy

  • They claim to be always interested in exploring positivity and informal relations with other countries. The policy says they will entertain only informal relationships between Molossia and other nations and it is not an isolationist foreign policy. They welcome friendly informal relations with other countries or nations, large and small. They pledge their assistance and friendship in helping any new nation develop.


  • It is located on a land of 2.28 acres, in Great Basin, the arid region in America, situated in Dayton valley near the Carson River. It contains dry, sandy, and rocky soil. They are occupied by Molossia which experiences dry summers. The coolest month in Molossia is January and the warmest month is July.

National Flag

  • The national flag of the Republic of Molossia is called the Grand Triune, made up of three horizontal bars of blue, white, and green. The blue one symbolizes both strength and the desert sky. The white bar symbolizes both purity and the mountains. And the green bar symbolizes both prosperity and the Molossian landscape.


  • Molossia’s currency is the Velora, subdivided into 100 futtrus and pegged to the relative values of the Pillsbury cookie.

  • Cookie dough is stored in an outbuilding called “The Bank of Molossia.”

  • Valora coins are made from gambling chips and printed banknotes.

National Anthem

  • If we talk about the national anthem of Molossia, they changed the national anthem twice. The first anthem was “Pe-al nostru steag scris Unire”. And the second anthem is “Fair Molossia is Our Home ”.


There’s a place beneath the western sun,

A country proud,

a nation next to none,

An oasis amid the desert sand,

Standing tall in this uncommon land.

From the mountains high down to the valleys wide,

Our flag of blue and white and green it ever flies,

Where hawks and mustangs roam,

Fair Molossia is our home.

Treasured land of wind and sage and mighty dreams,

Our country strong and free and proud,

it reigns supreme,

Fair Molossia is our home,

Fair Molossia is our home.


  • According to them, religious affiliation is an individual choice, and it is protected by law because it interferes in politics that’s why it is prohibited.


  • The official languages ​​of the Republic of Molossia are English, Esperanto, and Spanish. Esperanto is a widely used language because it makes it easier for people of different cultures to communicate with each other. It is specifically intended for international use and people reach a common level using this language. It is a vibrant language; it is much easier to learn than an international language. Spanish is considered the second official language of Molossia.


1. The War With Mustachistan

  • On 22 May 2006, it was the first conflict with another micronation, named Mustachistan also known as Sultan Ali-Ali Achsenfrie, a friend of Baugh.

  • There was a war between Molossia and Mustachistan. Molossia invaded it which was a brief battle and Molossia gained the victory.

  • On 9 April 2010, Molossia was invaded and eventually thrown by Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker). The dictatorship of Kikasia was declared, but the leadership of the nation was overworked and exhausted. During this time, the deposed president used espionage to overthrow the regime under the guise of a wealthy European, Baron von Grisbar, which was ultimately successful. The Second Republic was proclaimed two days later. Since then, no other foreign power has invaded the Boston capital.

2. The war with East Germany

Molossia claimed to be at war with East Germany, alleging that they were responsible for military exercises conducted by Kevin Baugh stationed with the United States Army in West Germany, and therefore for the resulting diagnosis of sleep deprivation. are also responsible. East Germany formally ceased to exist in 1990 after the Treaty on the Final Compromise with Respect to Germany, Molossia argues, that Ernst Thlmann Island, dedicated by Fidel Castro to the Weimar German politician Ernst Thlmann and given to East Germany, As well as its lack of final settlement or mention in the treaty by the nation of Cuba, therefore still East German land, the war could continue.

The war with Mustachistan- 13angle.com

3. The Dead Dog War

Once the covert forces from the United States crossed Molossian Frontier without any permission and buried a dead dog in the sovereign territory. The government of Molossia responded to them with negotiation to attempt to avoid an all-out war. The Molossian army was deployed to deal with their sovereignty. Today this war stands as a mute reminder of the horrors of war. While not being like a war due to lack of direct armed conflict.

The Dead Dog War- 13angle.com

Space Organization

Space organization- 13angle.com
  • They have a space program, they launch rockets. Molossia is the first micronation that launches rockets, which had a living thing inside of it.

  • They choose Mexican jumping beans; it is safe and nice. Because they don’t want to kill anything by crashing rockets. They celebrate their annual Space Day by launching a variety of new rockets.

Molossian Ministry Of Science

  • Molossian Air Space Agency: The Republic of Molossia turns its gaze heavenward, in the ongoing efforts to expand man’s existence. In the vastness of space, the Republic of Molossia launched its space program in 1999.

  • Molossian Institute of Volcanology: This institute is dedicated to the study, and exploration of volcanoes.

  • Molossian Geographical Society: This institute is dedicated to exploring the Earth and sharing its wonders with the world. The society launches expeditions, and they claim that they are not limited to exploring only the world.

National Symbols

  • National Flag: The Grand Triune (Made up of three horizontal bars of blue, white, and green.

  • National Bird: Valley Quail

  • National Animal: Mustang (Wild Horse)

  • National Tree: Common Juniper

  • National Flower: Common Sagebrush


  • In 2010, the Republic of Molossia was featured in a feature-length special by Channel Awesome called Kickassia. In the film, the Republic undergoes an invasion by the Nostalgia Critic and his posse of reviewers. The Nostalgia Critic ruled as dictator of Molossia for a short time before returning leadership to Kevin Baugh.

Top 13 Interesting Facts About Republic Of Molossia

  1. The Republic of Molossia is an independent micronation, also known as Molossia, situated in the Nevada desert of Western USA, was founded on 26th May 1977 by Kevin Baugh. President Kevin Baugh is the current leader of the nation.

  2. The Republic of Molossia is a self-proclaimed country, it has no recognition to be a country by any other large government or nation like the US and Russia.

  3. Molossia is led by President Kevin Baugh. Madam Adrianne Baugh was recognized as vice president and The First Lady of the Nation of the Republic of Molossia.

  4. There are only 30 people and 4 dogs currently living in this country. The people of the Republic of Molossia are so beautiful and friendly, just like Molossia is also beautiful.

  5. Molossia changed the national anthem twice. The first anthem was “Pe-al nostru steag scris Unire”. And the second anthem is “Fair Molossia is Our Home ”.

  6. Kevin Baugh considers himself ruler of Molossia, he always welcomes all guests who came there for tips.

  7. They have their own navy, space program, post office, phone system, time zone, and national monuments. Even they manufacture their own energy, and they have an efficient form of transportation.

  8. We can call Molossia a developed country because they have its own Navy, Army and Soldiers, Naval Academy, Space programme, Railroad, Postal services, Tourist attractions, Measurement system, Online movie theatre, Online radio station, Border, Government, Law, Banking system and even Time zone.

  9. The currency of the Republic of Molossia is the Velora, which is subdivided into 100 futtrus and pegged to the relative values of the Pillsbury cookie.

  10. Molossia is a sovereign independent territory. It exists as a state within a state, like the Navajo Nation. They have their own laws, customs, and land.

  11. Esperanto is the second language and international language of the Republic of Molossia. It makes it easier for people of different culture’s people to communicate.

  12. Kevin himself introduces the nation and shows the buildings and roads of the country to the tourists.

  13. We can’t be a resident of the Republic of Molossia, because new residents are not allowed there, simply there is no room in their tiny nation. But you can visit this country, they look forward to visitors.

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