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Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing- 13angle.com


  • Let us focus on the literal meaning of the topic marketing it means the promotion by any promoter or seller using different means to increase the product awareness which ultimately leads to more sales and doing it digitally is called digital marketing.

  • It is done by using the internet and online-based digital innovations like computers and mobile phones and various other digital devices.

  • Digital Marketing is a trending way of promoting trends, it is a revolution in the advertising and promotion world, it is a whole new world in itself but it is not a replacement of traditional marketing cutting all the roots to it but rather a revolution of traditional marketing.

Importance Of Digital Marketing

  • In this era of modern technology, innovations, digital advertising and marketing are more necessary for companies and businesses than ever. And it is so because it is the best fill-in for Traditional advertising platform to promote their brand every day via digital means.

  • Digital marketing can be defined as a revolution in the marketing industry, as it bought solutions to problems marketers were bound to face during traditional marketing processes.

  • Digital marketing acts like dopamine for smaller to larger digital creators to create content consistently, which is the founding basis of this globalized world.

  • Getting information from any part of the world in such a small time period was never this easy before.

  • And it truly justifies the word ‘revolution’ as it brought new opportunities which the old traditional marketing couldn’t generate.

  • As the technology developed, people started indulging themselves in various digital media platforms, which emerged as a great opportunity for marketers to take their businesses online, and this eventually led to the development of digital marketing.

  • It is a way for sellers to showcase who they are and what they are selling to potential buyers but it is easier said than done, well this digital marketing concept is based on one thing in order to be successful, Marketing is all about finding the right message to share with the right person at just the right time, through the right digital platform, which generates different strategies, planning, which means one needs to do proper research, analysis or implementation of those strategies which often does not promise success but then this all is the part of experiencing the market.

  • So here comes their savior ‘DATA’, nothing in this world free even those free apps on your mobile phones, or those numerous Google Searches we do hundred times a day because they are collecting our behavior as DATA and what they do with this?, well they sell this data to marketing companies. This data combined with the information marketers collect through research, analysis, and experiments make digital marketing incredibly powerful.

  • Everything we do online is tracked and collected which undergoes study and analysis to make really powerful predictions about general needs and actions; these is the basic digital marketing strategies. As we all know marketing is the act of persuading someone to take action, well then more the data we have, the more successful the persuasion will be.

  • There are only two things to keep in mind while starting your marketing career;

  1. Just Start and don’t overthink and there is no definite starting point so pick something which interests you the most and keep learning.

  2. Whatever you are doing, it does not need to be perfect it’s all about experimenting so it’s okay until as unless it’s not costing you a fortune.  

Foundation Of Digital Marketing

  • ‘Media’ is the foundation basis of digital marketing and it is further divided into three parts;
  1. Paid: it is basically the channels the marketing company pays for promoting their content online. For example, PPC (pay-per-click), affiliate marketing, and display marketing.

  2. Owned: it talks about the channels the company owns for example, websites, blogs, e-mail lists, etc.

  3. Earned: organic mentions on different channels such as posts by others on social media, third-party blogs, and articles mentioning the company name or efforts.

=> Marketing

  1. Traditional
  2. Digital

2 Types Of Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing


 Social media marketing


E-mail marketing


Mobile marketing


S.E.O. marketing


Content marketing

Tv ads

Affiliate marketing

  1. Social Media Marketing: social media is a digital platform supported by computer-based technology that makes it possible to share ideas, thoughts, and information through virtual connections on the web, the largest social media networks include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. All sorts of advertisements, sponsored posts, and messages on these platforms come under social media marketing.
  1. E-mail Marketing: it stands for Electronic mail is a means of exchanging messages between people using electronic devices. E-mail is a digital form of mail we used to send and receive physically. E-mail marketing is a way of promotion done by sending emails through a selected or carefully build E-mail list.
  1. Mobile Phone Marketing: We all know what a mobile looks and feels like, it is a physical-digital device, it came into being so that we can talk and walk freely (here, wireless). Companies do promotion through SMS, calls, voice messages conducted through a generated mobile no. list.
  1. S.E.O. Marketing: It stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is the process of making a website’s keywords better for search engines, the more relevant the keywords in the headline of the website, the more chances of it showing on the search page. The higher the website appears on the search page, the higher the chance of it being seen and clicked on.
  1. Content Marketing: It is one of the marketing strategies that come under digital marketing, and it basically focuses on creating and spreading valuable, relevant, and consistent content about the provided products or services. Imagine an advertisement you see online that only has an image on it and nothing else, or if you click on a catchy link that takes you to a blank webpage, whatever is missing here is the content we are talking about.
  1. Affiliate Marketing: By definition, it means a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. In simple words, if you are helping in making a sale for a product, the company will pay you a little commission for it.
  1. Influencer Marketing: It is another type of marketing that uses influencers (people having a good online image) to promote a brand to a larger market. The company basically pays these people to do online promotions for them.

Types Of Online Marketing

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Content marketing
  3. Email marketing
  4. Influencer marketing
  5. Direct marketing
  6. Digit marketing
  7. Mobile marketing
  8. Inbound marketing
  9. Outbound marketing
  10. Relationship marketing
  11. Online advertising
  12. Business marketing
  13. Community marketing

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing



Low cost

High maintenance cost

Huge returns

Worldwide completion

Increased job opportunities

Job insecurity

Global access

Security issues


Time consuming

Huge Engagement

High competition

Easy monetization

Technological dependability

Instant feedback

Negative feedback

Precise targeting

Total strategy-based system


  • Although Digital marketing is more cost-effective (saves money) than the traditional methods when comes to promoting any product or services, but not so in terms of its maintenance, as it done virtually adding the cost of its digital setup like computers which runs on electricity, cost of A.C.s used by employees in an office.

  • Although every business nowadays wants to go online due to its upper hand in the marketing outcomes, it is not that easy to switch business marketing tactics from traditional to digital way. But it does not make it a hopeless case if, they take it as a motivation to learn and grow as a profitable business is once a risk taken.

Courses Under Digital Marketing

  1. S.E.O.(search engine optimization)
  2. Market study
  3. Email marketing
  4. Social media management
  5. Internet marketing
  6. Content marketing
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Mobile marketing
  9. Search marketing
  10. Youtube marketing
  11. Facebook ads
  12. Online advertising
  13. Online business

Top Sources And Institutions For Digital Marketing

  1. Henry Harvin institute (Digital marketing course in India)
  2. NIIT Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing Institute in India)
  3. UpGrad (Digital marketing courses )
  4. AIMA (Digital marketing Institute in India)
  5. Learning Catalyst (Digital marketing courses)
  6. EduKart
  7. IIDE (Digital marketing course)
  8. Executive Development Program in Digital marketing by XLRI Jamshedpur
  9. Advanced Certificate Program in Digital marketing by MICA Ahemdabad

Top Jobs And Salary Expected In Digital Marketin


Salary Approx

Digital marketing manager

Rs.6.5 lakh per annum

SEO specialist

Rs.5 lakh per annum

Social media manager

Rs.5.5 lakh per annum

Content marketing strategist

Rs.7 lakh per annum

E-mail marketing executive

Rs.4 lakh per annum


Rs.4 lakh per annum

User experience designer

Rs.6 lakh per annum

SEM specialist

Rs.6 lakh per annum

Future Of Digital Marketing

  • Future is about the predictions and if are here to predict the digital marketing future based on the trends we have seen and the data we have then one thing is quite clear that digital marketing trend is not going anywhere instead it will grow till it reaches the sky or maybe further.

  • And if we talk about India, then why digital marketing is so hyped right now,

  • According to the Indian Brand equity forum, the number of Internet users in India from 2016 to 2021 has shown significant growth from 40 crores to 82 crores respectively.

  • And it will be no surprise if we look at these major reasons for the digital marketing is a bloom in India;

  1. One of the cheapest country in terms of internet data providing plans; well this wasn’t the case before Jio came into existence as it brought cheap Internet data plans making it affordable and accessible for almost everyone, this led to increased digital consumption.

  2. India is the world’s 2nd cheapest country in terms of Smartphone prices, well if you are provided with cheap data plans with cheap mobile devices then of course everyone will want to have it, and when we say cheap Smartphone it doesn’t mean that it’s there just for the sake of it, a Smartphone under 5000Rs comes with all sort of basic features you can ask for.

  3. Digital India’, an Indian government initiative to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. This is to spread awareness among the population to go digital.


  • Although some sections of the population are still deprived of digital benefits as the trends are growing fast enough, the day is not far when each and every individual in India will be connected digitally.

Top 13 Interesting Facts About Digital Marketing

  1. It’s the fastest-growing and most active marketing approach used today and is expected to grow further in the coming years.

  2. It is said that 65% of businesses have advanced their Digital marketing due to the covid-19 situation.

  3. Influencer marketing is more than $1 billion industry on INSTAGRAM.

  4. 75% of marketing will go-to digital marketing. (Salesforce Research)

  5. Many consumers would rather watch a video than read to learn about a product. (Animoto survey)

  6. Studies have shown that 94% of the world’s content gets no external links.

  7. The Father of marketing can also be considered as the Father of digital marketing, and one name that fulfills both roles is Philip Kotler.

  8. The fastest-growing marketing industry segments include MOBILE and SOCIAL sectors.

  9. India’s first digital University is the Kerala University Of Digital Sciences, Innovation, and Technologyy (KUDSIT).

  10. 68% of online experiences begin with a Search

  11. Over the last few years, Google searches for ‘in stock’ have grown over 700%.

  12. The average amount of daily time that internet users aged 16 to 64 spend using social media is 1 hr 49min.(Hootsuite)

  13. The Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research Automatic Calculator (TIFRAC), the first mainframe general-purpose computer in India, was developed by scientists at the Tata Institute of fundamental research.

Diya Gautam- 13angle Intern

Diya Gautam




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