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Brahma Kumaris

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  • Spirituality lies in the heart of India. The definition and beliefs of spirituality differ from person to person. Everyone is free to follow a set of beliefs as per their preferences and choices. Brahma Kumari is one such movement where one must follow celibacy and become pure. Some may conform to its beliefs, or some may totally disagree based on everyone’s mentality, cultural preferences, and upbringing. Recently, Brahma Kumaris have also come into the limelight, after the demise of television actor Sidharth Shukla. It is believed that Sidharth Shukla’s mom had been associated with the Brahma Kumaris for a long time and the same association was shared by the late actor who had extended his full support for the movement. Currently, after Sidharth Shukla, another celebrity, Shehnaz Gill is seen coming out in full support of the movement.

  • In this article, let’s understand the journey of Brahma kumaris.

History And Early Inception

  • Lekhraj Khubchand Kriplani referred to as Om Baba, founded this spiritual movement in the year 1937. This movement was started in Hyderabad when it is believed that Om Baba had intuitions of some divine power working through the people who attended Satsang and had spiritual encounters themselves experienced in their lives. He was of the belief that the source of any good is Almighty and all the souls are good and so the movement focuses on the form of meditation to calm and purify the soul instead of physical bodies. Om Baba who was a wealthy jeweler, by profession, donated all his assets and wealth to this movement. Due to its preaching of practicing celibacy by young women, the women who took part in the movement were abused and subjected to domestic violence in their homes. As a result of this, the movement was banned in Hyderabad after which the headquarters of the Brahma kumaris was shifted to Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Currently, Brahma Kumaris has its spiritual centers all over the world across more than 100 countries.

Beliefs On Which The Movement Is Based

Beliefs on which the movement is based- 13angle.com
  • The set of beliefs on which this movement is predominantly based are as follows:-

  1. Karma: Brahma Kumaris believe that a person gets rewarded in his lifetime according to the deeds that he might have done in his past birth. Accordingly, a person’s actions determine their destiny and path of the journey in their next birth. This is known as the law of Karma. To aptly put, as you sow, so shall you reap.

  2. They believe in the Supreme Divine power that is God and only in the concept of souls. They do not distinguish any person based on the physical forms of race, religion, caste, and creed.

  3. They have a strong belief of this world coming to an end with the mass destruction of life and that the only way of cleansing Mother Earth is devised by the Almighty.

  4. Brahma Kumaris follow celibacy and eat only sattvic food i.e., complete vegetarian meals, and are not allowed to indulge in any kind of addiction to smoking, alcohol, and drugs. They also practice meditation at Amrit Vela i.e., in the morning at 4 a.m.

  5. Women who want to join the movement have the right to decide if they want to marry and choose celibacy instead.


  • Brahma Kumaris face much criticism from all corners of the world. One of the major allegations of this organization is that they convince young girls to not get married and practice celibacy. Young women, who become part of this spiritual movement, cannot quit the movement later, as they become subjects of violence and physical and mental abuse. Old Brahma kumaris target psychologically ill people and on the pretext of freeing them from their, Karma Bhog convinces the family members to donate all their properties to the organization. Brahma Kumaris strongly believe that the world is going to end with a nuclear holocaust and the only people who will survive this are the followers of the Brahma Kumari organization only Brahma Kumaris have the power to bring heaven on earth and Almighty God only communicates with them. Many of the ex-Brahma kumaris have alleged that they have collected huge amounts of properties on the pretext of running a non-profit organization.

Activities Are Undertaken Under The Movement

The movement offers various courses for the people who want to join in and lead not only a healthy and sustainable life but also a meaningful and purposeful life. Some of the courses are as follows:-

  1. Raja Yoga Meditation: This course provides an insight into the relationship shared by the soul and the Almighty. It delves into the understanding of
  2. Law of karma
  3. Cycle of time
  4. Cleansing of soul and self-realization
  5. Lifestyle practicing spirituality
  • Overcoming anger: Methods and techniques to understand the root cause of anger, inner self-realization, and calming techniques, and how to utilize this energy for positive and creative thinking.

  • Positive Thinking: How to change obstacles into new opportunities with a positive mental attitude and manifesting methods to achieve what a person desires in one’s life.

  • Self Esteem: How to boost your self-confidence, accept the flaws in oneself gracefully, overcome fears and shortcomings, and maintain inner self-balance in this chaotic world.

  • Stress-free living: this course is based on identifying different forms of stress, how it affects one’s mental health, and spiritual ways in which the stress can be managed to lead a healthy life. It also focuses on removing negative and depressing thoughts and how spiritually any thoughts of suicide can be changed.

  • Apart from this course, the Brahma Kumaris also have Retreat Centres all over the world, which can be joined for a day or weekends, and magical experience of prayer, study, and relaxation can be explored.
  • A variety of courses, seminars, and workshops are conducted throughout the world and any person desiring to be part of these programs can do so from their website:
  • Brahma kumaris have also undertaken various social reformative programs for the upliftment and development of humankind. Some of these initiatives are as follows:-
  1. Creating renewable sources of energy: Due to the constant depletion of non-renewable sources of energy, there is a need of creating awareness about to use of renewable sources of energy. Brahma Kumaris have set up a thermal solar power plant to generate electricity in Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

  2. Healthcare: They provide health care facilities to the locals of Rajasthan through various health care institutions.

  3. Sustainable Yogic Agriculture: This initiative is undertaken to empower the farmers through meditation techniques and try and find out solutions for the increasing rate of suicides among farmers. Organic methods of farming to increase the crop yield along with self-empowerment techniques through meditation are the focus of this initiative.

Heads Of The Brahma Kumaris

Heads of the Brahma Kumaris- 13angle.com

Founding Members of the movement:-

  1. Brahma Baba: Lekhraj Kriplani born and brought up in a Hindu family started this movement after experiencing some divine encounters in his life. He dedicated his entire life, wealth, and energy to creating the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

  2. Om Radhe referred to as Mama: Was the first administrative head of the movement. She was responsible to look after the needs of the women participating and joining in the movement and keeping them motivated spiritually.

  3. Dadi Prakashmani Dadiji: She was joint administrative head along with Mama and became the main spiritual head after the demise of Brahma Baba. She managed the entire organization even at a time when technology was not so advanced only based on the trust, love, and respect that she earned from the other Brahma Kumaris.

  4. Didi Manmohini: Her family was close to the family of Brahma Baba and that is how she became associated with the movement. Her main strengths were spiritual power and discipline.

  5. Dadi Janki: She was the head of the spiritual movement till the year 2020. She inspired individuals from all walks of life to live a meaningful life through meditation.

Regional Co-ordinators across International Locations:-

  1. Didi Nirmala: Regional co-ordinator of Asia Pacific
  2. Sister Jayanti: Regional co-ordinator of Europe and the Middle East
  3. Sister Vedanti: Regional co-ordinator of Africa
  4. Sister Chakradhri: Regional co-ordinator of Russia
  5. Sister Mohini: Regional co-ordinator of America and Canada
  6. Didi Suresh: Regional co-ordinator of Germany
household name is Brahma Kumari Shivani- 13angle.com
  • The most common household name is Brahma Kumari Shivani, which we all are aware of and at some point, in time in life might have even listened to her teachings either on Youtube or Instagram. A software engineer by profession chose to become a teacher at the spiritual movement and since then has been changing the lives of my people through her teachings and advice. Her television series “Awakening with the Brahma Kumaris” telecasted episodes on self-healing, self-empowerment, self-discipline, the art of living, the law of karma, and harmony in relationships.

How To Become A Brahma Kumari

  • To join as a Brahma Kumari, one needs to be an ardent follower of the ideologies and practices that they preach. They have specific guidelines to be followed in order to be a Brahma Kumari or to join an organization that is laid down by their Almighty Supreme Soul Shiv Baba. The step-by-step process is as follows:-
  1. Raja Yoga Meditation Course: This seven-day course lays the foundation for the understanding of spirituality. It explains the meaning of one’s existence, the purpose of one’s birth into this world, the invisible and divine Supreme power which we all name as God, one’s previous birth connections, and the relation of hardship that a man faces with that of his Karma. In this course, you are also taught the methods of connecting with the Almighty.

  2. Murli and vow of Purity: Purity is practicing Brahmacharya. It is believed that a person can understand the divine path of knowledge only if complete celibacy is followed. The organization considers that brahmacharya can be practiced easily if we all consider ourselves as children of the one Supreme Father i.e., Almighty, and thus are related to each other as brothers and sisters. Every day listening to the knowledge and directions of the Almighty through the medium of Sakar Murli is also mentioned as one of the steps to becoming a Brahma Kumari. It is believed that Murli encompasses the entire knowledge and wisdom of the creation as well as the creator of this Universe.

  3. Surrendering your Intellect: The person must be in continuous remembrance of the Almighty. It does not mean that the person must give away his family life and live a life of a saint, but it only means that you remember God without sacrificing your duties and responsibilities and both should be carried out hand in hand. A surrendered soul through the mind is called a Brahma Kumari.

Books Are Written By And On Brahma Kumaris

  • Many books have been written by the Brahma Kumaris either guiding the path of people who have already joined the movement or as an inspiration to people who consider joining the movement. The official website of the Brahma Kumaris hosts an entire section called E-books.

=> Some of the famous books authored by the Brahma Kumaris are as follows:-

  1. Rajayoga Meditation Course: Authored by B K Jagdish Chander. This book gives insights into the sacred texts which can be studied for a week to gain spiritual fulfillment.

  2. How to Think: Authored by Brahma Kumari Pari. This book is based on the study of Murlis which is considered a divine message from the almighty in the Brahma kumaris.

  3. Holographic Universe: Authored by Brahma Kumari Pari on the experiences and understanding of the Holographic Universe.

  4. Learn How to Meditate: This book is based on the techniques of meditation and is authored by Brahma Kumaris.

  5. Grow Rich while walking into the Golden aged world: Includes practices to improve one’s spiritual, financial, and living conditions. This book is also authored by Brahma Kumari Pari.

=> Some of the works by Brahma Kumari Shivani are as follows:

  1. Happiness unlimited in conversation with Suresh Oberoi
  2. Being Love: Creating Beautiful Relationships
  • The above-mentioned books authored by Brahma Kumari Shivani have been also published in many vernacular languages also like Bangla and Hindi.

  • Teachings of Brahma Kumari Shivani have been telecasted as episodes on Aastha TV Channel under the series named “Awakening with Brahma Kumaris” and “Samadhan”.

=> In the following articles or books, the authors have criticized the movement:-

  1. Journal for the scientific study of the Religion by Howell had mentioned that Brahma Kumaris is joined by those women who are dumped by their families to dedicate their entire life to the services of the movement. The families in return spent money on the expenses of their living by donating a certain amount of wealth to the organization.

  2. In the book “Brahma Kumari as a reflective tradition” authored by John Wallis has considered the spiritual movement as the cause of the break-up of many marriages and considers the issue of celibacy and reinterpretation of sacred texts and books as per the context of Brahma Kumaris teachings and principles.

  3. Prem Chowdary, a Feminist Commentator, has also criticized the advocacy of celibacy by women in this movement.

Top 13 Interesting Facts About Brahma Kumaris

  1. Brahma kumaris do not charge for the courses, seminars, or workshops conducted by them and are free of cost as a community service.

  2. Most of the Brahma Kumaris end up donating their properties to the organization as a Charity.

  3. There is no age restriction or any restriction of marital status to be Brahma kumaris i.e., even a married lady can join the organization at any given age.

  4. Brahma Kumaris are not allowed to eat food cooked by a non-Brahma Kumari even if that non-Brahma Kumari is a relative and so they cook their own food.

  5. Brahma Kumari movement was originally named Om Mandali.

  6. Brahma Kumaris in Sanskrit means Daughters of Brahma.

  7. Mateshwar Saraswati referred to as Mamma was the first administrative head of Brahma Kumari.

  8. Brahma Kumaris prefer wearing white clothes which symbolize purity.

  9. Pratibha Patil, former President of India, had admitted to the fact that she had a divine connection with Om Baba, and he had indicated that some greater responsibility was coming in her way.

  10. Brahma Kumaris are taught to study murli i.e flute.

  11. Brahma Kumaris has consultative status with the United Nations Department of Social and Economic affairs.

  12. Brahma Kumari Shivani Verma appeared on Aastha TV Channel with a program named “Awakening with Brahma Kumaris”.

  13. Majority of women, who participated in the Brahma Kumari movement in its founding years, belonged to the Bhaibund caste- a caste of wealthy merchants whose husbands and fathers used to usually travel overseas in relation to their work.

Brahma Kumaris And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

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