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  • Day: May 29, 2022
BEEF ban and And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

Beef Ban

Introduction There are several inconsistencies between non-Indian and Indian perspectives on vegetarianism. Cattle, especially cows, were neither inviolable nor adored in ancient times; according to D. N. Jha’s 2009 book The Myth of the Holy Cow, although he did not provide any evidence from the Vedas, Upanishads, or other Hindu [...]

The Satyam Scam And It's Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

The Satyam Scam

What Is Corporate Fraud? The term corporate fraud means mishappening or misconduct in any organisation. Mishappening or misconduct in the organisation can be done in various forms like embezzlement of cash, vendor fraud, fraud by employees and window dressing of accounts. In simple terms, window dressing of accounts is over/ [...]