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  • Day: February 20, 2022
1962 Sino-Indo War And Its Top 13 Interesting Facts- 13angle.com

1962 Sino-Indo War

Indian historian John Hall once observed “perhaps nowhere else in the world has such a long frontier been unmistakably delineated by nature itself” how then did India and China defies topographical odds to each into an impasse that was ultimately tested on the battlefield. Introduction The Sino -Indo war between [...]

Date Rape And Its Top 13 Facts- 13angle.com

Date Rape

Introduction Date Rape, commonly known as acquaintance rape, is a term described by the physical forceful engagement of a victim into unwanted sexual activity by a known person. It could be a peer through violence, misuse of authority, verbal manipulation, or even a romantically involved partner. It often takes place between two [...]