March 25, 2023

The full name of WWE stands for world wrestling entertainment inc. which means it is just a company that was made and working till now just for the entertainment purpose and not for any gain for the players, UFC is a sports-based organization that was started to give a better platform for MMA fighters to showcase their talent. If we talk about the safety in WWE matches most of the time fight goes to an intense level but there is not even a scratch on wrestlers. Most people say that if these fights are scripted then every punch and kick is pre-planned and the rules that are to be followed in a WWE match are not very clear to wrestlers and fans as well, this simply shows that WWE never intended any was able to become a sporting brand like UFC. In UFC the safety gears for fighters are very less, they only wear fight shorts, MMA gloves, mouth guard, and groin guard but if we see in WWE there are no such protections in it which can be understood that

WWE is fake. I try to consider the amount of money given to the players to have something at stake is very high in UFC as we compare it with WWE.

According to the statistics, the highest-paid WWE wrestles is Braun Strowman with 2.03 million dollars and the highest-paid UFC fighter is Conor McGregor who got 22 million dollars in January 2021. WWE is just based on ‘fake’ matches. Here, some will think that real matches will be far better than the scripted ones, but if it happens WWE must take wrestlers which have reached a particular level of the game, introduce new rules, and make fixtures that would just break the format that has been successful for the company from the past.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)-

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