Unveiling The Special ₹75 Coin To Mark The New Parliament

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Unveiling the Special ₹75 Coin to Mark the New Parliament- 13angle.com


India witnessed a historic moment as Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a special commemorative postage stamp and a ₹75 coin during the inauguration ceremony of the country’s new Parliament building. This momentous occasion symbolizes the beginning of a new era for India, celebrating its progress, unity, and the enduring spirit of democracy. In this article, we delve into the details of the special ₹75 coin and its significance as a proud national artefact.

Unveiling The Special Commemorative Stamp And Coin

Unveiling the Special Commemorative Stamp and Coin- 13angle

The grand ceremony took place in the Lok Sabha chamber of the newly constructed Parliament building. Prime Minister Modi, amidst an atmosphere of anticipation, revealed the meticulously crafted commemorative stamp and coin. These artefacts carry immense historical and cultural significance, serving as enduring symbols of India’s national pride.

The ₹75 coin, meticulously designed and weighing between 34.65 and 35.35 grams, showcases the majestic Lion Capital of the Ashoka Pillar at its centre. The coin proudly displays the word “Bharat” in Devanagari script and “INDIA” in English, representing the nation’s identity. Additionally, it incorporates the rupee symbol and bears the denomination value of ’75’ in international numerals, positioned beneath the Lion Capital. The reverse side of the coin features a stunning depiction of the Parliament Complex, with the year ‘2023’ elegantly inscribed below it.

Significance Of The Special ₹75 Coin

The special ₹75 coin holds immense historical and cultural significance for India. It signifies the dawn of a new era for the country, encapsulating the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of millions of its citizens. The Lion Capital, an iconic emblem from ancient India, symbolizes strength, courage, and wisdom, reflecting the values that have guided the nation throughout its history.

By featuring the Parliament Complex on the reverse side, the coin pays homage to the new building and its role as a cradle of empowerment. The new Parliament stands as a testament to India’s progress and unity, fostering a vision of a brighter future for the nation.

Prime Minister Modi's Vision

During the inauguration ceremony, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the significance of the new Parliament building. He expressed his pride, hope, and promise for India, recognizing the structure as a catalyst for progress and a symbol of empowerment. The new building will provide a platform for India’s democratic processes and serve as a nurturing space for the dreams and aspirations of its citizens.

Top 13 Facts About Special ₹75 Coin

13 fascinating facts about the ₹75 coin, showcasing its unique design, historical context, and cultural importance.

1. Denomination and Weight:

The ₹75 coin has a denomination value of 75 rupees, making it a distinctive addition to India’s coinage system. It weighs between 34.65 and 35.35 grams.

2. Composition:

The coin is composed of various metals, typically an alloy of copper, zinc, and nickel, ensuring durability and longevity.

3. Lion Capital of the Ashoka Pillar:

The majestic Lion Capital of the Ashoka Pillar is featured prominently at the center of the coin. This symbol has historical significance and represents India’s national emblem.

4. Inscriptions:

The coin bears the word “Bharat” in Devanagari script and “INDIA” in English, representing the nation’s identity and cultural diversity.

5. Rupee Symbol:

Incorporated into the coin’s design, the rupee symbol further reinforces its connection to the Indian currency system.

6. Denomination Value:

The coin proudly displays the denomination value of ’75’ in international numerals, positioned beneath the Lion Capital.

7. Parliament Complex:

On the reverse side of the coin, a stunning depiction of the Parliament Complex is showcased. This represents the new Parliament building and its significance as a symbol of democracy and progress.

8. Year of Issue:

The year of issue, ‘2023,’ is elegantly inscribed below the Parliament Complex, commemorating the inauguration of the new building.

9. Commemoration of a Landmark Event:

The ₹75 coins were issued to mark the inauguration of India’s new Parliament building, signifying a milestone in the country’s democratic journey.

10. Historical Significance:

This special coin holds historical significance as it represents a crucial chapter in India’s rich heritage and highlights the nation’s progress and unity.

11. Limited Mintage:

The ₹75 coin has a limited mintage, making it a unique and sought-after collectable for numismatists and enthusiasts of Indian culture.

12. Collector’s Item:

Due to its limited availability and unique design, the ₹75 coin holds a special place among collectors, both within India and internationally.

13. Symbol of National Pride:

The ₹75 coin serves as a proud symbol of India’s rich heritage, reflecting the aspirations and achievements of the Indian people. It represents the nation’s commitment to democracy, progress, and unity.


The unveiling of the special ₹75 coin and commemorative stamp during the inauguration of India’s new Parliament building marks a historic moment in the country’s rich history. These artefacts stand as enduring symbols of national pride, representing the progress, unity, and aspirations of the Indian people. The Lion Capital, the Parliament Complex, and the year ‘2023’ etched onto the coin create a lasting testament to India’s journey and its commitment to democracy.

As India embraces the future, the new Parliament building will serve as a beacon of hope, a place where dreams take flight, and a testament to the nation’s indomitable spirit. The special ₹75 coin encapsulates this spirit, ensuring that the significance of this momentous occasion is preserved for generations to come.

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