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What Is Vaccine

  • The vaccine is an antibody drug that deals with the healing of a body from infectious disease by injecting the drugs into your body using the injection.

History Of The Vaccination

covishield vaccine-
  • In the earlier times, i.e. before the implementation of the vaccination by the eminent biotechnologists and physicians, they have sacrificed their lives by getting involved in the scientific research of saving the lives of millions of people by this dreadful virus which had lead to thousands of deaths frequently.

  • Likewise, around 2000 years back, there was a huge strike of smallpox. In the year 1796, A British Physician, Dr. Edward Jenner cured smallpox by taking a matter from the cowpox pimples to immunize the patients successfully. Although Edward Jenner was the first person to protect smallpox in a scientific manner, from the scientific research on the vaccines, he was declared as the “Father of the vaccines”.

  • In this 20th Century, the steady progress of the Vaccination has made a belief among the people that the implementation of the vaccines has made protected many lives of the people from various infectious diseases. The Mid 20th Century was an active time for vaccine research development.

  • Though we all are acquainted with the vaccines of several diseases like Measles, Typhoid we are unaware of the vaccines manufacturing companies like Bharat Biotech, and another one is “Serum Institute of India”.

  • Hence, we are going to get acquainted with the most renowned biotechnology firm which deals with the manufacture of the vaccine is “Serum Institute of India”.

About The Company

  • Serum Institute of India is a non-biotechnological firm that focuses on manufacturing life-saving vaccines. It is considered as the largest vaccine manufacture in the world and position does India’s number 1 biotechnology firm. It has been credited by the world health organization and is implemented in 170 countries and this company is very well renowned for manufacturing life savings drugs such as polio  Diphtheria, Tetanus, PertussisHIB, BCGr- Hepatitis BMeascles, MumpsRubella vaccines, and other medical specialties.

This company has collaborated with the British Swedish Pharmaceutical company “Astra Zeneca” which is dealing with the development of AZD1222(Covishield) in partnership with the University of Oxford.

=> The products which have been initiated by the Serum Institute of India is

  • Diphtheria tetanus
  • Pertussis Vaccines
  • Tetanus Toxoid
  • BCG Vaccine
  • Rabinax (for Rabies)
  • Rotasiil ( Rotavirus) And so on.


  • The success behind the establishment of this Biotechnological firm is Cyrus Poonawala who established his business with his brother Zavary Poonawala who is also the co-founder of Serum Institute of India.

  • According to the renowned business magazine,” Business Today” Dr. Cyrus Poonawala has been declared as the 7thrichest person in the World.

  • In one of his interviews, he narrated his success story that he was the heir of 70 acres horse stud farm and had a coincidental interaction with the veterinary doctors about the matters regarding the investment in the vaccination business and the retired horses were shifted from the horse stud to the “Haffkine Institute”, Mumbai to produce the vaccines from the horse’s serum and the result was that they could not produce the mass of the vaccines.

  • After this incident, Adar Poonawala’s pregnancy of the mind has led to the shift of the horse’s business to the vaccine business by exploiting the inefficiency of the governmental bodies. In the year 1966, Poonawala along with his younger brother, Zavaray Poonawalla started to venture into the new “vaccine business” on $12000 by raising it on the selling of the horses. Since they did not have any knowledge of science, they hired 3 veterinary doctors who are the present board members of “Serum Institute of India”.

  • This Biotechnological firm was firstly collaborated with “Bilthoven Biologicals”, which is also a Bioengineering and Pharmaceutical company from the “Netherland Government” on 29th June 2012.

Managing Committees

Hence, we are going to discuss Various Managing Committees of the Serum Institute of India.

1.  Cyrus Poonawala : 

Cyrus Poonawala is a chairman and the Managing Director of Serum Institute of India, the largest vaccine manufacturer. In the year 2005, he was awarded the Padma Shri award and he has also Positioned the 8th rank on Forbes India.

2.  Adar Poonawala :

Adar Poonawala is the Chief Executive Officer of Serum Institute of India.

3.  Natasha Poonawala :

Natasha Poonawala is the Executive Director of the Serum Institute of India. Along with that, she is the Indian Businesswoman as well as the chairperson of the Villoo Poonawala Foundation.


Various News Updates

executive director of serum institute of India-
Chief Executive Officer of Serum Institute of India-
  • In March 19th2020, there was a huge silence all over the world. The reason for the huge silence was the most dreadful virus which started to encounter all over the world that is “Corona Virus”. This dreadful virus has created a huge hamper on the daily routine, the economic condition of the world has declined as well as there had been an increase in the unemployment of the working-class people as well as many business professionals.

  • As per the news, Corona Virus was first witnessed in Kerala on January 27th2020. It was actually witnessed on a 20 years old female with one day of dry cough and sore throat.

  • This virus has spread so vigorously that it has lead to thousands of deaths in the world and lead to the least number of the population. So after this drastic situation, various governmental organizations, health department officials have come up with the plan of providing aid by proclaiming the various biotechnological firms to focus on the development of the vaccines and one of the vaccines is “COVISHIELD” which has been established by the Serum Institute of India.

  • This vaccine is actually manufactured to heal the body by lessening up the viral attacks.

=> The main side effect of this vaccine isCoronavirus Vaccine-

  1. There will be a slight pain at the injection site
  2. Headache
  3. Tiredness, if the immunity system is weak
  4. Nausea
  • It is reported that the vaccines will be providing 100 million or (10 crores) vaccine doses for India as well as other low and middle-income countries.


  • According to various news, the gap of the “Covishield” vaccine has been firstly received by Nepal. The envoy of Japan handed over 5,13,420vaccines to the Health and Population Umesh Shrestha at Tribhuvan Airport.

  • The governmental organization CII ( Confederation of Indian Industry) has partnered with the Serum Institute of India to further expanding the doses of vaccination across small towns and areas.

  • The World Health Organization grants “Emergency Use Listing for the Astra Zeneca’s Covid -19 vaccine by the Serum Institute of India.

  • Our Vice President of India, Shri. M.Venkiah Naidu appraised the Chairman of Serum Institute of India, Dr. Cyrus Poonawala for taking the nice step of healing the patients by the concept of manufacturing the vaccines.

  • Various ministers like Dr.Harsh Vardhan as well as the Vice President, Shri Venkaiah Naidu have appreciated the great initiatives taken by Cyrus Poonawala’s group Serum Institute of India through various social media sites.

Top 13 Interesting Facts

  1. The chairman of the company, Dr. Cyrus Poonawala started his own vaccine business by selling his horses for $12000 from his own horse shed.

  2. He started his company at his own horse shed.

  3. The first vaccine which his company introduced is “Tetanus”.

  4. In his company, around 500 doses of vaccines are manufactured per minute.

  5. This company has collaborated with Oxford University to start their venture of manufacturing the life-saving vaccine that is “Covishield”.

  6. The vaccines of the Serum Institute of India will be distributed at a ratio of 50/50.

  7. After the proclamation of Adar Poonawala’s position as a Chief Executive Officer, there has been a huge rise in revenue.

  8. The chairman of the Serum Institute of India,” Dr.Cyrus Poonawala” was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Massachusetts Medical School on June 2018.

  9. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate by Oxford University in June 2019.

  10. Though Cyrus Poonawala did not have any knowledge of Science, he along with his brother collaborated with three veterinary doctors to establish the business and those doctors are Managing Committee Members of Serum Institute of India.

  11. In the year 2005, Cyrus Poonawala was awarded the “Padma Shri” for his contribution to the field of medicine.

  12. The great American Business Tycoon,” Bill Gates” took a visit to the Serum Institute of India and was impressed with the initiatives taken by this company of protecting the people.

  13. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued the orders of providing the “Y” category security to the Serum Institute of India.

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