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India, France, And UAE Forge Stronger Maritime Partnership Through Historic Trilateral Exercise- 13angle

India, France, And UAE Begin Joint Maritime Exercise

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In a ground-breaking display of trilateral cooperation, the navies of India, France, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently achieved a significant milestone with the successful completion of their first-ever Maritime Partnership Exercise. The exercise, held in the Gulf of Oman on June 7th and 8th, 2023, showcased a wide array of naval operations o bolster interoperability and address.

A Multifaceted Display Of Naval Prowess

The exercise comprised an impressive range of operations designed to test the capabilities of the participating units. Surface warfare exercises featured tactical firing and drills for missile engagements, displaying the precision and firepower at the disposal of the navies. Close-quarter manoeuvres highlighted the naval vessels’ seamless coordination and synchronized movements, demonstrating their ability to operate effectively near.

Taking to the skies, advanced air defence exercises witnessed the integration of French Rafale aircraft and UAE Dash 8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), underscoring the shared commitment to aerial security in the maritime domain. Meanwhile, helicopter cross-landing operations showcased the navies’ proficiency in executing complex manoeuvres, facilitating rapid deployment and exchange of personnel.

Promoting Knowledge Exchange And Best Practices

The trilateral exercise served as a platform for the participating units to share their expertise and exchange best practices. Cross-embarkation of personnel further strengthened the bonds of camaraderie and cooperation, fostering a spirit of collaboration among the navies. This knowledge exchange ensures that the lessons learned from each navy’s experiences will contribute to the collective growth and effectiveness of maritime operations.

Enhancing Interoperability And Safeguarding Maritime Interests

The primary objective of this milestone exercise was to enhance trilateral cooperation and develop strategies to address both traditional and non-traditional threats in the maritime environment. By strengthening their interoperability, India, France, and the UAE have significantly fortified their ability to counter potential challenges in the region. Moreover, this exercise reaffirmed their joint commitment to maintaining a secure and stable maritime domain, ensuring the safety of mercantile trade and the freedom of navigation.

A Testament to the Strengthened Maritime Ties

The successful completion of the first trilateral Maritime Partnership Exercise is a testament to the deepened maritime ties between India, France, and the UAE. This historic event showcased their shared commitment to fostering regional security and stability through collaborative efforts. By conducting this exercise, the three navies have not only bolstered their collective capabilities but have also laid the foundation for continued cooperation in addressing future maritime challenges effectively.


The trilateral exercise between the navies of India, France, and the UAE represents a remarkable milestone in their maritime partnership. Through a series of well-coordinated operations, the exercise demonstrated enhanced interoperability, strengthen ties, and commitment to safeguarding maritime interests. As the seas become more dynamic and complex, this historic event serves as a beacon of hope and solidarity, showcasing the power of collaboration and collective action in ensuring a secure and stable maritime domain for all.

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