Early Medieval History (Special Edition)

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Earlier Medieval History (712 AD - 1200 AD) :-

=> Between these years, 3 attackers come to India with an intension to invade. And they are as follows:-

S.NNames Of The InvadersNo. Of Times
1Muhammad Bin Qasim1
2Muhammad Gajnabi17
3Muhammad Ghori5

=> Now, lets discuss about each one of them:-

1. Muhammad Bin Qasim :-

muhammad bin qasim- 13angle.com
  • He comes from Iran.

  • He attacked on Sindh (Presently a province in Pakistan) in the yaer 712 AD. On that time Dahir was the King Of Sindh.

[Remember: Al Hazaz was the Khalifa of Iran on that time].

  • Chachnama was the book which tells about the attack on Sindh by Muhammad Bin Qasim.

  • Muhammad Bin Qasim was the first to collect Jajiya from Hindustan at that time.

  • Muhammad Bin Qasim attacked in the year 712 and invaded on a very large scale and also took more than 600 womens as slaves and presented them infront of al Hazaz (Khalifa of Faras / Iran on that time).

2. Muhammad Gajnabi (Also known as Muhammad Ghazni) :-

Muhammad Ghazni- 13angle.com
  • He attacked Hindustan 17 times.
  • He belongs to Ghazni, Afghanistan.
  • He was the son of sabugtageen (King Of Ghazni).

[Remember: Sabugtageen has two sons namely;

  • Muhammad Ghajnabi
  • Smaiel (He was mentally unstable)
  • Muhammad Ghajnabi killed his own father Sabugtageen and sits on a throne in 998 AD.
  • First time attacked Hindustan in the year- 1001 AD-1027 AD. During this period he attacked 17 times and invaded the areas on large scale.
  • In 1025 AD, he attacked Somnath Mandir in Gujrat and invaded 700 man gold and 1200 man silver.

Remember :-

  1. 1 man= 40 kilogram
  2. 700×40= 28000 kilogram (gold)
  3. 1200×40=480000 kilogram (silver) 
  • Muhammad Gajnabi died in 1030 AD.
  • During Muhammad Gajnabi, Hindustan had most numbers of historians and some of the prominent historian names are as follow:-
  1. Al Baruni
  2. Farruki
  3. Utvi
  4. Sistani
  5. Firdosi

[From these historians, we know that Mhammad Gajnabi attacked Hindustan 17 times]

  • Al-Baruni wrote a very famous book named ‘Kitab-Ul-Hind’- which tells about Muhammad Gajnabi.

3. Muhammad Ghori :-

  • Muhammad Ghori attacked Hindustan 5 times :-
YearAttacked onResult
In 11751st attack in Multan at that time Moolraj was the ruler of Multan.Won
In 11782nd attack in Mount abu at that time Bheem Dev-2 was the ruler.Lost
In 11913rd attack also known as ‘Battle Of Tarain-1’ against Prithivi Raj Chauhan.Lost
In 11924th attack also known as ‘Battle Of Tarain-2’ against Prithivi Raj Chauhan.Won
In 11945th attack in Chandawar battle against Jai Chand who was the King Of Kannuj.Won
  • In Bihar, Muhammad Ghori’s commander Bhaktiyar Khiliji destroyed Nalanda University on Muhammad Ghori’s order.

  • Muhammad Ghori printed godess Laxmi in its coins.

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