March 25, 2023

KYIV: Russia launched a volley of missiles at Ukraine’s energy grid on Monday, knocking out power in several regions, officials said, in the latest in a monthslong campaign of strikes by Moscow targeting civilian infrastructure. Ukrainian air defence systems fired into the sky in multiple areas of the country but not all missiles were intercepted, as officials reported damage to electrical systems.
Following a grim routine, Ukrainians headed for bomb shelters in Kyiv and other cities. After about three hours, air-raid warnings were lifted in some parts of Ukraine. Shortly after the all-clear was given, President Zelensky addressed the nation to praise both the military and utility workers fighting to keep the lights on. “Air defences shot down most of the rockets, energyworkers have already started to restore electricity,” he said. Ukraine’s air force said that it had shot down more than 60 missiles out of more than 70 fired.
The strikes occurred hours after explosions were reported at two military bases deep inside Russia, including one that Ukraine said has been used as a staging ground for aircraft in previous attacks against Ukraine’s energy grid. Russia’s ministry of defence later accused Ukraine of using drones to attack the bases, adding that three of its military personnel were killed. If Ukraine did carry out the attacks, they were the deepest military strikes it has conducted inside Russia since the invasion. One of the targets, the Engels air base near city of Saratov, houses bomber planes that are part of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.

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