March 25, 2023

Undoubtedly, you have heard of the famous Sriracha sauce – the red-hot chilli sauce that has gained popularity among fans of spicy food. Bland food can be a mood killer at times, but having a sauce to enhance the flavour in a few seconds could be a lifesaver for your taste buds, and Sriracha is one such sauce that works well in such situations. Making this hot sauce at home is simple – all you need are the correct red chillies and ingredients. Any recipe will taste better with the powerful garlic flavour blended with chillies. This thick and chunky type of hot sauce can also be served as a side dip for any type of snack. Here we have a list of dishes that you pair with Sriracha sauce.

Here Are 5 Dishes That Taste Even Better with Sriracha Sauce:

1. Pasta

Add this aromatic and flavorful sauce to your pasta sauce and enhance the flavour. Pasta sauce doesn’t require many ingredients. If you want to make it quickly, you can mix boiled pasta with a good amount of Sriracha sauce and enjoy your quick meal.

Add this spicy sauce to your pasta

2. Sandwich

Sandwiches make a great breakfast meal as they are quick to make and save time, especially on working days. To make your bland sandwich tastier, just spread some hot Sriracha sauce on a bread slice and add in your veggies. You will surely enjoy this method of making a sandwich.

3. Ramen

Ramen or noodles need strong sauces. You can enhance the flavour of your noodles by adding a substantial amount of Sriracha sauce along with some soy sauce. The precooked Sriracha sauce does not need to be cooked again, so you need not worry if you just want to add it directly to your noodles.


Enhance flavour of noodles and ramen with red chili sauce Photo Credit: istock

4. Chicken

Make a full-course meal with chicken and Sriracha sauce. If you want to have spicy chicken without using too many ingredients or following time-taking recipes, then Sriracha is here to your rescue. Just pan-fry chicken with some vegetables and pour in hot Sriracha to add in spiciness.

5. Soups

Sriracha and soups go well together. Also, the thin, watery broth requires spice. All you need to do to give your soup a spicy kick is add 1 spoonful of this sauce. When added, the red chilli sauce gives a rich red colour to the soup. Sriracha can be added to clear soups, chicken stock, or man chow soup.

For the full recipe for homemade Sriracha sauce, click here.

Is Sriracha Sauce Healthy To Eat?


Use this sauce with snacks. Photo Credit: istock

Sriracha is made of fresh herbs like chillies and garlic, which are good for health if consumed in the right amount. However, it is not considered a healthy food. But since it is packed with herbs, it does have some health benefits. Garlic is considered good to lower cholesterol, whereas red chillies are a food source of vitamin C. Moreover, it is full of antioxidants that are good for health.

Is It Okay To Add Sriracha To Your Diet?

Most hot sauces, including Sriracha, are low in calories, so most people can safely consume Sriracha, especially homemade ones. It can be consumed in limited quantities as eating too much spice may result in an upset stomach. For people prone to heartburn and acid reflux, it is recommended to restrict your consumption of any spicy sauces.

For the full recipe, click here.

Try this spicy recipe of Sriracha sauce and let us know your opinions in the comment section below.

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