June 10, 2023

Honey chilli potato is undoubtedly one of the most loved Indian street foods. Sliced potatoes are deep-fried and coated in a sweet and spicy sauce made from honey, red chilli sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, and other seasonings. If you look around and see, you’ll find plenty of street-food vendors selling this delicious snack in your neighbourhood. It is super crispy in texture and offers a burst of flavours in the mouth, which is why people love gorging on it so much. However, making perfectly crispy honey chilli potato at home can be quite challenging. Did your potatoes turn soggy or did they break apart? Do you wonder why the honey chilli potato available in all the street shops are so crispy and not yours? Here are some easy tips to help you make street-style honey chilli potato at home.

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Here Are 5 Easy Tips To Make Perfectly Crispy Honey Chilli Potato:

1. Use The Right Type Of Potatoes

The type of potatoes that you use while making this snack can make a huge difference to how they turn out. It is best to use potatoes that have a high starch content as they produce an even colour, and tend to crisp up better while frying. The starchier the potatoes, the crispier your honey chilli potato will be.

2. Slice Them Thinly

After you’ve selected the right type of potatoes, it’s time to slice them! Make sure to slice the potatoes thinly, as this ensures that they cook evenly and become super crispy. Avoid cutting thick slices if you want to enjoy perfectly crispy honey chilli potato at home.

3. Pat Dry The Potatoes

Gently pat dry the potatoes after you’ve sliced them. You can use a kitchen paper towel to dry the potatoes. This helps in removing any excess moisture, as this can cause them to steam instead of fry. And we certainly do not want that!

4. Use Cornflour

Cornflour is one of the best ingredients for making crispy coatings on fried foods. Add 1-2 tbsp of cornflour in a plate and gently toss the potatoes in it before frying. This would ensure that your honey chilli potato turns out to be super crispy.

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5. Fry Them Twice

First, fry the potato slices on low flame and allow them to cook thoroughly. Now, fry them on high flame until they become crispy and golden brown in colour. This trick works like wonders and helps in adding an extra layer of crispiness to the potatoes.

Which trick works best for you to get street-style honey chilli potatoes? Do let us know in the comments below.

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