March 25, 2023


Artificial Intelligence-

Artificial Intelligence Is A Boon Or A Curse For Humans In The Future?

Artificial intelligence is a boon or a curse for humans in the future? Artificial IntelligenceRead More »
Triple Talaq-

Is It A Good Decision That The Supreme Court Declared Triple Talaq Unconstitutional?

It is terrible that the Triple Talaq Bill did not receive majority approval in theRead More »
Indian Politics-

Should There Be Space For Politics And Political Parties In Indian Colleges?

Politics at schools and universities should only serve to educate pupils about the democratic process.Read More »
Indian Politics-

Why Is Nepotism Practised So Strongly In Indian Politics?

There is no disputing the dominance of powerful families wielding nepotistic influence throughout India, regardlessRead More »
Cover Photo of CAPF-

Shouldn’t The Deputation Of IPS Officers In CAPFs Be Abolished And CAPFs Be Headed By Their Cadre Officers Only?

Indian Forces are categorized as Military, Paramilitary, and Police. The military is meant for externalRead More »
Cashless Economy-

Are Digital Payments Secure Enough For Indian Economy To Go Cashless? Making the dream of digital India a truth is still a faraway reality. MostRead More »
Rohingya Crisis-

Is Keeping Rohingya Refugees Good For India?

Fleeing from the state of Rakhine, Rohingya refugees got a bitter response overall, when itRead More »
Bhakra Nangal Dam-

Impact Of Mega-dams On People’s Lives And Environment With Reference To Bhakra Nangal Dam

Large dams have caused the extinction of many fish and other aquatic species, loss ofRead More »
Assam Mizoram-

A Century-Old Border Dispute That Awaits A Permanent Solution

A century-old disputed border region in the northeastern part of India got violent in theRead More »
Jyotirlinga And Their Top 13 Interesting Facts-

What Is A Jyotirlinga And How Jyotirlinga Are Formed?

India possesses deep roots of spirituality; we consider ourselves lucky to have such historical backgroundsRead More »
Editorial On Indian Farmer's Law- Bridge)

Why Is The Protest Of The Farmers Being Vocal Only From States Like Punjab And Haryana?

The Indian Parliament passed three Indian Farmer’s Laws during the monsoon session which reached atRead More »
British East India Company- (The Bridge)

Despite Being The Most Successful Company Why East India Company Was Banned By The British Government?

The story of the East India Company develops throughout two long centuries, in a cycleRead More »
Culture Of Jammu & Kashmir -

Funerals Of ‘terrorists’ Leading The Youth Of Indian Kashmir To Terrorism

So, first of all, WHY THIS QUESTION? According to me, this question has some grounds and incidents behind it toRead More »
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