March 25, 2023

Skill India Mission is the aim of ministers to skill citizens of India on a huge scale with speed and noble prototype in order to fulfill its vision of an illumined India. This vision is endorsed by some functional arms which are National Skill Development Agency, National Skill Development Corporation, 39 sector Skill, National Skill Development Fund, and 330 training mates registered with NSDC. The government also intends to work with the being of skill-enhancing centers, colleges, and different alliances in the field. And ahead, co-partnership with applicable transnational associations, state government, central ministries with diligence, and NGOs have initiated multi-level collaboration and further vital accomplishment of the skill development initiative. This program is comprised of many skill-enhancing courses where trainees would gain knowledge through this course and then apply it to their work. This is what skill India mission program.

But we should also analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the skill India mission program to know more about this mission, is really helpful for the citizens of India or not. Let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of:-


  • This helps in reducing poverty in the country.
  • Add on the competitiveness in Indian businesses.
  • By enrolling in Skill India Mission, you will sure that this skill training which is given by Government is surely helping you in getting jobs.
  • Help the Indian citizens to rule the force.
  • Different types of skill development programs to meet the challenges.


  • The training which is given through this program is insufficient to satisfy the demand in the job market. Due to this employing the person is very difficult.
  • People are not taking this mission seriously. There is very low enrollment in the skill development academy.
  • This grievance is arise not only due to the lack of skill but also the lack of hunger of the industrialists and SMEs to recruit.
  • Lack of awareness level among the youth about the skill development program.
  • The economic deceleration and grievance faced by different sectors have led to numerous layoff.

This mission was launched in 2015, so let’s see whether this mission was successful or not now.

  • Each year, at least 8 million new job searchers enter the job market. In 2017, only 5.5 million jobs were created.

  • The unemployment rate among the urban 15-29-year-old was 23.7%, in the Survey of Periodic Labour Force of 2018.

  • The CIME report plant that the more educated Indians are, the more likely they’re to remain unemployed, and the 2018 PLFS showed that 33 of the formally trained 15-29-year-old were jobless.

  • The target of the Skill India charge was to train 300 million youth by 2022. But the problem is that only 25 million people were trained under this scheme till the year 2018.

  • This happens because of mismanagement and also not utilizing the available funds in the proper manner because of the deficiency of candidates.

  • Even those who had taken this training course, will not be able to find suitable jobs.

  • In 2016-2017, beneficiaries of this mission have 3,50,000 which increased to 1.6 million in 2017-18.


We had seen the advantages and disadvantages of the skill India mission, we had considered all the points. Skill India Mission is really a good initiative taken by Government but due to some lacking government and also the citizens of India, this mission is not fully successful.

Skilling India to a large population is delicate but not insolvable. Analyzing the limitations and enforcing necessary enterprise to address them can surely make Skill India’s dream a reality.

Skill India-

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