March 25, 2023

My hardcore opinion and truest answer to this will be ‘NO’. Always.

It was mentioned multiple times in the article and my own experience in seeing how many cases of child marriages have played out, be it in fiction or by reading multiple public police cases, that child marriage takes away the rights of a human being before they have even reached their legal, adult age.

Honestly speaking, it makes me break out in goosebumps and makes me shiver in disgust because the practice is abhorrent and truly cruel and insensitive.

UNICEF and multiple organizations, why, even celebrities and public personalities are wholeheartedly against this practice and it’s understandable, truly.

This is one side of the coin, the opinion and the thoughts of people who have grown up seeing the atrocities that are committed to most children who are married off as minors. This is mostly the case observed in advanced societies and communities.

Then comes the flip side of the coin.

In backward communities and in many villages worldwide, child marriage is just one of the problems that have borne out of the pre-existing issues and social problems that have spread their roots deep within.

Gender Inequality is one of the most common reasons why child marriage as a practice even arose. Believing women to be the inferior race, many villages and those with backward thinking continue to treat women as their servants. This problem has given birth to issues like early maturation of girls using drugs, child marriage (obviously) and abortion of female fetuses.

But even if hundreds of millions of women in the world have been forced into child marriages, one-sixth of the total child marriages are those where the minor is a boy.

Which makes gender inequality not credible as a reason.

No, it makes you question if the main force behind this evil, vile practice is not gender equality, then what is it?

The answer? Poverty.

Yup. Truly, the greatest words that have ever been spoken have been that money can make a person do anything.

For every time a parent or guardian sells off their child in child marriage, they are, first of all, abusing their authority and washing their hands off of the responsibility they should have taken and secondly, getting some benefits (mostly in the form of money) out of the transaction.

Children have been reduced to objects and transnational goods because of this practice. Children.

These are the very same children who are hailed as the next generation, the ones to whom the world will be entrusted.

So, before handing the children the world, let’s traumatize them, why don’t we? Break their spirit, sell them off to a family or people, leave them alone to suffer through who knows what! The guardians don’t care.

So, no, child marriage should never, ever be supported.

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