Architecture Of The Statue Of Jatayu

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Architecture of the Statue of Jatayu-
  • The Statue of Jatayu in Jatayu Earth’s Centre is a bird’s sculpture that is the tallest in the world. It rests at an altitude of 1200 feet from the mean sea level in the mountaintop of the 65-acre eco-tourist spot area. The statue is located in Chadayamangalam village of Kollam district in Kerala, India.
Architecture of the Statue of Jatayu-
  • The sculpture is placed at the heart of the landscaped park which is constructed in a lying position with one of its wings broken and the other wing lying flat with its head, talon, and claws uplifted to the air. The total stretched length from the tail feathers to the head is 200 feet and it is 150 feet wide. The talon is erected to a height of 70 feet. It is 1500sft in floor area. The sculpture is placed on top of a rock called Jatayupara which stands overviewing the green expanses of Chadayamangalam.

  • The aim of the project was also to protect the rock and the nature surrounding it so as to respect the history behind it. It is believed that the bird Jatayu fell into this rock according to the story based on the Indian epic Ramayana. 

  • The sculpture represents the mythological legendary bird who martyred its life to protect women’s safety and honor. Hence the statue stands as a symbol of protection. The bird is sculpted in a defeated position with its broken wings after the fight to protect the honor of a woman and is shrieking in its figure battling the final moments of its life.

Jatayu Earth’s Centre Photo-
  • All the elements and frames of the Jatayu Earth’s Centre have emerged from the creative mind of the master sculptor of the project. He has brought out his tetra yuga imaginations into existence through this project with the animated visuals, sounds, and sculptures in the virtual reality museum inside the statue. It is also a representation of the bygone era when men, wildlife, and other life forms lived in perfect peace and harmony.
jatayu-bird-sculpture- 13angle
  • There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Rama that is located outside the compound of the statue to retain the religious and historical values regarding the story of Jatayu.
  • Rajiv Anchal is the mastermind behind the Statue of Jatayu. He is a renowned Indian film director, sculptor and screen writer working in the malayalam film industry and also a state award winner for sculpture from Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy in 1977. He has put his skills on many sculpture works in Kerala other than the Statue of Jatayu.
  • Rajiv Anchal is the mastermind behind the Statue of Jatayu. He is a renowned Indian film director, sculptor, and screenwriter working in the Malayalam film industry and also a state award winner for sculpture from Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy in 1977. He has put his skills into many sculptures works in Kerala other than the Statue of Jatayu.
  • According to the epic story of Ramayana, Ravana is the demon king of Lanka who tried to abduct Sita, the wife of Lord Rama. Jatayu happened to witness this and tried to save Sita from Ravana. But during the fight, Ravana chopped Jatayu’s left-wing and it fell on a rock being severely injured. In the meantime, Ravana escaped with Sita in his magical flying chariot.

  • Lord Rama got most of the information’s about Sita’s abduction from Jatayu during his search for her. He realizes the courage of Jatayu and liberates the bird.

jatayu believe on Lord Rama-
  • It is believed that the bird fell onto Jatayupara in Chadayamangalam and that is the reason for choosing that site for structuring the statue. There is a footprint mark in the site which is believed to be of Lord Rama.
Jatayu statue-
  • Construction of the statue took about 10 years to be completed. The project took its pitch in 2008, but the construction only began after 2011. The construction was done in phases where the first phase got completed in 2017 and the second phase was completed by 2018 by adding additional helicopter ride and cable car facilities to the public.
Roller Compacted Concrete and Stainless Steel was used to make its talons ( Statue of Jatayu )-
  • The sculpture was made out of Roller Compacted Concrete and Stainless Steel was used to make its talons. 
1.5km walkway was built in Jatayu Statue-
  • The 1.5km walkway was built chiseled out of granite stones.
Jatayu Earth’s Centre is an eco tourism-
  • Jatayu Earth’s Centre is an eco-tourism project worth 100 crores. The project was designed in the Build-Operate-Transfer model with the collaboration of the Government of Kerala (Tourism Department) and Rajiv Anchal (Guruchandrika Builders and Property).
  • The sculpture in itself is a five-storied building. The entry is through one of the wings which leads to its interiors.
Statue of Jatayu-
  • jatayu-bird-sculpture- 13angle.comThe structure consists of a museum and a multidimensional theatre which features the animated movie which screens the battle which lead to the fall of Jatayu. It is possible to enjoy the picturesque surroundings from the observatory located in Jatayu’s eyes.

  • The sculpture is meticulously detailed.

wings are splayed to the ground-

It is also possible to walk through the top of the sculpture since the wings are splayed to the ground.

  • The sculpture in itself forms the roof for the Earth Centre’s building due to its vast scale.
  • Other site features of the statue are the Siddha healing center, food court, and adventure center which includes valley crossing, trekking, zip line, paintball, rappelling, bouldering, archery, jumaring, wall climbing.

  • The project is sustainable in its design with the implementation of rainwater irrigation from the reservoir, solar energy usage with solar panels, organic farming.

“You shouldn’t be afraid to dream big. I learnt that from my experience in movies.”

                                                                                                                    –Rajiv Anchal


Top 13 Interesting Facts

  1. The proposal for the sculpture was primarily modelled in the 1980s, which didn’t get implemented due to various reasons. It came into existence after the eco-tourism project proposal.

  2. The sculpture holds a place with the Statue of Unity by being the world’s tallest bird sculpture.

  3. It has the potential for an entry to Guinness Book of World Records.

  4. The statue is erected in the leased land from the government.

  5. The site chosen for the statue was barren, which was converted into the green after proper landscaping and planning.

  6. The construction process wasn’t easy since they had to carry the materials to a height of 1000feets.

  7. Through the sculpture, Rajiv Anchal displays a social issue through symbolism.

  8. It symbolizes a tribute to women’s safety and honour.

  9. Being famous in the Malayalam film industry, Rajiv Anchal’s movie ‘Guru’ was chosen for India’s official entry for Oscars in 1997.

  10. Located in Chadayamangalam village of Kollam, the statue is located at a distance of 50kms from Trivandrum.

  11. A bird’s eye view of the statue can be achieved with the helicopter ride and Golconda facilities.

  12. The rainwater reservoir can store 1.5million litres of water.

  13. The water from the reservoir is also used for organic farming.

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